Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tennis In Venice

<--Practice Session for Italy!!!

So she'll probably kill me for posting this video but I don't care...who, except for Holly gets to go to a foreign country and get paid to play a sport? Actually, I know a few other people, but our sport doesn't rhyme with the city we play in, which makes it a lot cooler. Besides being jealous that I couldn't update the "Where I've Been" application on Facebook, the weather is supposed is supposed to be 85 and Sunny the three days she's there. The only bummer is that she's going to miss our third playoff game but I promised her a W...we're trying to get back on track after we let Game 2 slip away but sometimes shit happens, just ask the Orlando Magic. Look out for the Game 3 highlights and Tennis in Venice wrap-up

1 comment:

  1. wait who is this person holly is playing against and why is she getting paid to return his serves? and why in venice? this is so random.

    p.s. i thought she was wearing the nike border skirt for a hot second. thank god she's not. that skirt is so 2006.