Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson...the Best Ever

After concentrating my undergraduate studies in "how the media works" I understand the need and attraction to publicize all the "bad stuff" that is attributed to Michael Jackson's life. But if he is forever remembered for his Never Never Land, Skin Color Change, Repeated Nose Jobs, Little Boy Touching and his pet monkey Bubbles...then our country should be ashamed of itself.

When it came to making music, I don't care how old you are, you can't deny his songs were iconic. He had Swag before we knew what Swag was. He was the only person I ever knew of to have people faint upon meeting him. He was what Obama and Tiger Woods are for the African American community before those guys, and he was what Elvis and The Beatles were to music well after those guys.Yesterday, the world lost a legend, but as I play Smooth Criminal as I type this, I am happy that one day my kids will read about him in their history books. RIP Michael will be missed

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My life is pretty UNREAL right now...hence the name of the'll know what I'm talking about soon enough

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Click Click Mr. Boone

Age: 19
Height: Six Deuce Baby
Sex: Hell Yeah Nigga
Father's Name: Umm I don't know

That one of Loc Dawg's more memorable lines in "Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood" but the sad part about that is...the reason it was funny is because we all know someone who hasn't met/had a relationship with their father.

Now, more than ever, my dad drives me absolutely crazy, but putting all of that aside, I'm STARTING to learn how lucky of a kid I was to have a father like Greg Boone. His schizophrenic personality, cunning business savvy and true Original Gangster status make me think he's actually the love child of Frank Lucas and Mary Boone. But that nose can only be the by-product of Cal I don't know what my grandmother was doing back in '55.

In either case, he is THAT DUDE and today is his day...Happy Father's Day Big Guy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who's The Boss??

The major problem I have when I come to my parents house is just that...I'm in my parents house. I always have to hear "make up your bed" or "unload the dishwasher"...shut the fuck up!!!

So, as to not deal with any of that this time around, I took the liberty of getting after our lawn today...just imagine you were watching an episode of Ricki Lake and they brought in the ugly housewife and turned her into the prom queen...that's what I did to 95 Creamery Pond Road.

It was actually almost therapeutic, my ipod muted the noise the tools made and before I knew it, it was a wrap...don't be scared to get out there and do some yardwork this summer. Just don't stick your hand in there like this fool did

And also feel free to drive by, if you are around, and peep the masterpiece out there...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gettin' Our Swole On

When you get past the outer layer of Jason Boone and actually get to know the "real" me, you'd learn that I'm actually a lot more modest than I appear. The Greg Boone in me loves to exude charisma, flashiness, and all around over-confidence...but deep down I'd like to think of myself as humble.

But the one thing that I never mind bragging about, is how good of a big brother I am...and because of that, one of my main focuses this summer is to send my younger brother back to school with 15 more pounds of muscle...

We got started today at our gym and he did okay. Tomorrow I'm gonna put his ass through a Luol Deng workout though...get your rest young homie

Saturday, June 13, 2009

South Carolina...C'Mon and Raise Up

I just got home from Hilton Head Island down by Savannah, GA and I have to say, it was one of the nicest beach resorts I've ever been to in my life. Holly's family was nice enough to invite us down and the trip was off the hook. Marriott went ahead and outdid themselves when they bought this beach front property right off the coast of South Carolina...the only bad thing about the trip was that I forgot how bad it was to fly domestic. I've been used to those International flights...and even at NYU we didn't really ride any small planes (except for the one time home from Carnegie Mellon). But the flight down was awful, and the first day it rained...but besides that the trip was amazing, played a lot of Tennis (watch out for that backhand), walked along the coast (in 100+ degree weather), ate the best seafood I've ever tasted (and sadly, maybe ever WILL taste), and can check off the first tab on my To Do List for Summer 09...aka I got to RELAX.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer 09: To Do List

1-RELAX...Straight up REST MY BODY
2-Teach Malcolm how to Powerlift
3-Get a lot of Sleep
4-Get head shots so I can start modeling
5-See a Broadway Show
6-Go to the Bronx Zoo
7-Eat at a German place and speak fluent German
8-Have my mom make her Banana Cake
9-Finish perfecting my six pack (gonna be hard to do with after #7 and #8)
10-And lastly, look into adopting a dog...a light brown Boxer

oh shit I almost forgot...see all my friends at the Jersey Shore...after watching this video...can someone remind me why I actually like going to this place???

Friday, June 5, 2009

Back In The USA

I can't help but say that to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA" but that's neither here nor there. I'm back home and it feels good, sucks that we didn't do well in the playoffs, but after 15 combined hours of traveling, I can honestly say it hasn't felt this good to be home in a loooong time. Did you miss me Sugar Loaf???

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Official

Before I even got a whiff of America, I decided to come back next season and give it another run at the title. I feel like I've seen some constant improvement to my game and with a good chance at playing in European competition next season, I decided to roll the dice. Coach is trying to get the core group of guys back but as of right now, only Ben Jacobson and John Little have resigned.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's A Wrap

Our season just wrapped up like a Durum Doner (google it). Usually that means I'm jumping for joy. When basketball season was over in highschool, it usually meant the weather was about to get real nice. When basketball season was over in college, it usually meant a last minute spring break trip, and four more weeks of drunken debauchery. When basketball season was over out here in Germany it means a Queen Sized bed in Sugar Loaf, my dad's recliner, and my mother's Banana Cake.

And although it still means that...the feeling is not as pleasant.

We endured so much as a team this season, guys coming, guys going, big wins, big losses, major injuries, fist fights in practice, sex scandals, assault charges, mafia ties, and making the playoffs. And although that seemed like a lot, it lasted about as long as the first time I had sex. Uhh now that I think about it, that's probably not a good metaphor because even though I'm a stud, I didn't last for 10 1/2 months my first time doing it, and I don't want my virginity back, but hopefully you get the point...the season shouldn't be over.

The kicker is, Holly and I were doing better than we've ever done. Comfort level was at an all time high, she had broken out of her "I don't know anyone out here but you" shell around the new year and was off doing her thing. She loved all the guys on the team like brothers, and it actually broke my heart to see her in the stands as we lost Game 4. We knew it was going to be the end of our local coffee shops, fancy dinner spots and routine walking trails. We were both making money, although not as much as we'd liked, but we didn't have any bills, we traveled every chance we got, and things probably couldn't have gotten much better. It was pretty much like a 8 month vacation.

But those guys over in Bamberg just wanted to ruin everything we had going. Excuses go out the window when the playoffs roll around. We played the same team four consecutive games and they won three of them, not to mention the loss in the German cup and the split of the regular season, making them the better team. Yeah the refs sucked, their gym held 3000 more people than ours, two starters were injured and Bamberg is a big name team but we didn't lose three games in a row all season, making our Playoff series all the more shocking.

Now that it's over and we've had time to settle down, I'm trying to figure out what lies ahead. Contract talks begin this week and as it seems right now, the team will renew their option for one more season. We're about 75% sure, that although a horrible playoff outcome, we'll still qualify for European Challenge which can sway a decision one way or another but I'll keep you all updated. Until then Go F*ck Yourself San Diego