Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And Just Like That...

He's Gone

Who is he? Brandon Thomas
Where is he? Braunschweig
Why? Sometimes it just doesn't workout

Eurobasket says it's because he's a two-guard who didn't like his role as a power forward. I say it's because he was intimidated by all the food I ate at the pregame meal. I have that affect on people sometimes. And knowing he may have to switch and guard me in practice was something he didn't want to deal with for the next 10 months. Actually, I don't know what it was but I do know it just wasn't in the stars this season.

I personally think he was a really good guy, can score the sh*t out of the ball, and will probably try to go for 40 against us when we play them on December 22nd, but he can't score if they don't get the ball over halfcourt right?

Anyway, there were questions and comments left as to why he wasn't showing up in any game highlights and I realized I never told you all that he left. And although it sucks to lose a good guy on the team, there were two very big positives that came out of it.

One being, I got his room...lemme upgrade ya...lemme lemme upgrade ya. I don't know why a new guy got a better room than me anyway...but it all ended up working out.

And two being, with a new player arriving, I get to re-open the Meet The Team series. Yessssss!!!!!

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"Yeah Let Me Upgrade Ya
U May Not Be A Model But I Can Front Page Ya
Sittin In Da Coupe Lookin Like A Racer
Top Peeled Back Like Da Skin Of A Potata"
--Lil Wayne- Upgrade

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MEG vs. Bremerhaven Eisbaren (again)

As you already know, we didn't get the W against these guys. The first time we lost on a buzzer beater and this time we just didn't have enough in the tank. But there's always next time. Peep the highlights

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"Holdin' it down long as we round
We gonna keep sockin' it to you like Homey the Clown
Going down like Pac ready to ride or die nigga
La da le la la la la la"

--Big Punisher- You Came Up

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sling My Box Please

We took the L this weekend in our last home scrimmage of the preseason and it sucked. The highlight video will be up at some point this week, but our thinking is this...we'd rather not get gassed up at this point. By losing we know we still have work to do, where as the team that beat us, has a little too much swag right now, and will soon find themselves in trouble. They also talk a lot of sh*t. As seen here.

I spent my entire Sunday watching Marc Sanchez come to form and Brett Favre being Brett Favre. Oh yeah, there was the team autograph signing and team BBQ too, but those are stories for another day.

Anyway, I just thought it was time to give thanks to my SLINGBOX again because it's honestly one of the best things on this Earth. After the obvious (girlfriend, family, basketball, soul food) there aren't too many things I love more than my SLINGBOX. For those of you that don't know what I"m talking about, a SLINGBOX is a device that, when hooked up to your Cable Box and Cable Modem, allows you to watch your home television on your computer.

Having this device has allowed me to watch all the important events such as The Obama Inauguration, the Australian Open, the MTV Movie Awards, and the NFL Playoffs, as well as my daily favorites, MSNBC's Morning Joe, ESPN's SportsCenter, and BET's 106 & Park. The American channels that I'm able to access through my SLINGBOX are a huge step up from the German Television I was subjected to in the past. If I had to watch another poorly dubbed episode of The King of Queens or Married with Children I may have thrown the television set through the window.

Do What You Do       Hallelujah Hollaback       ...blackhercules21...
"I'm into Real Estate, and the realest state of mind
We came from trigger play, kill a nigga for a dime
I'm tryna chill today, I got a million on my mind
Dice in my hand, one roll, I blow your mind"

--Rick Ross- Blow

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going To Church

Every so often a few friends of mine exchange emails about things going on in our lives from sports to politics and everything in between. Remember my "COB?"...anyway, a recent post got me thinking about how long it's been since I've been to church. I grew up going every Sunday, then when we moved up to Orange County and it got to be a hassle trying to get down to the Bronx on the weekends. We tried to find one upstate by us but never really had one that stuck. And out in Germany, I wouldn't know the first place to look. Plus we have a lot of games on Sundays so I don't even stress it.

I'll never post anything religious on here because religion is something people feel extremely strong about. I believe more people have been killed over religion than anything else in World History? In either case, I think it's more about spirituality than religion anyway. Pray to whoever you pray to and if you don't pray that's fine too. No one knows whether God is White/Black Jewish/Christian Guy/Girl or even if there is one? etc. so with that being all I'll say about that...lemme tell you what...if church was this entertaining, I'd surely be there every weekend. And I wouldn't have to go to the club on Saturday night either.

thank you "COB"

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"now, either you with me or you with me
cuz even if you against me, running with my enemies
they ain’t nothing but mini-me’s, that i created long, long ago
and they only want to cut off, my lineage like the Kennedys"
--Jay Electronica- A Prayer For Michael Vick and TI

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Your Dreams

So I had this dream last night that I was taking the LSAT...and I immediately woke up knowing it was dream because as soon as I signed the contract to play professional basketball I vowed to never take another test as long as I lived. Unfortunately my contract has only one comma, not two, meaning when I'm finished playing, I'll probably not have the 80,000,000 saved up that I need to live the life I always imagined. But hopefully, I can go ahead and get me a graduate assistant job with a prestigious university, and stay around the sport I love while mastering in a field that pays me enough to live the life I want (someone tell Coach Jones to holla at me).

But back to this dream, in it, I felt completely unprepared. I don't remember exact questions that were on the test, but it was stuff I wouldn't have had to study for, you know just common knowledge stuff. The problem was the timing and I'm pretty sure that's how it really goes. The only two things I remember from the dream were, the cheater and the guy who freaked out. The first guy who, obviously was unprepared decided to cheat off of the person to my right. The whole test he was just leaning over and copying ever answer. Unfortunately for him, everyone had a different test. The next guy, who was also unprepared, decided to take it to the extreme and to just stand up mid-test, break his pencil, scream and then stick his head up his own ass.

How could I make this sh*t up? I don't know if that's a sign on whether or not I should think about furthering my education, or just the Oktoberfest beers playing tricks on my mind, but I know it sparked me to google LSAT as soon as I woke up and actually found out that there's an LSAT test being given soon in Germany. Weird huh? I've decided to simply wish all of you taking the test, present of future the best of luck...and as for me, I'll stick to taking them in my dreams...literally. 

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"the weight so strong it feels like tons
do i feel the pain? yes i does
it's all inside and it's building up
it all comes out when i sip this cup"
--iPray N iPrey- Musaic

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Want A Pager

Well, not really, but do you remember the days when pagers were the sh*t? I think I was in 6th grade when everyone in New York city was getting a pager...except me that was. I had the bubble gum case shaped like a pager and I pretended to be cool. I still think pagers were a great concept though. A little more instant than calling and leaving a message at the house, but nothing too overwhelming.

Obviously, next came the cell phone. I'm not talking the ones you can fit in your pocket either, you remember those Zach Morris cell phones that were bigger than a brick right? Again, wasn't cool enough or important enough to have one of those, but my dad let me use his pager sometimes. It was pointless too because I never had a quarter to call someone back from the payphone, but maaaan did I love the look of it.

So then, around highschool, the cell phones got advanced. All my friends were chirping with each other or AIMing from their Sidekicks. But me, absolutely not. I brought my Motorola DynaTAC 8000X to class one day and immediately realized if I ever wanted to have a friend I would have to burn that phone, along with my orange sweatpants.

Saying all of that to say, now that the G1 and iPhones are getting popular, I decided to go ahead and purchase a blackberry curve. Yeah the 8310. At least I'm closing the gap though...I'll be there one day.

PS For anyone who has a blackberry...hit me up with your pin

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"Mr. Telephone Man
There's something wrong with my line
When I dial my baby's number
I get a click every time"
--New Edition- Mr Telephone Man

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

When you bring a baby in this world it's your responsibility to take care of it. Love, nurture, and raise it to be the best it can be, and although my dad always tries to take full credit, my mom had a lot to do with my little brother and I getting to where we're at today. So today, on her birthday, I want to dedicate this blog to her.

My mom has always understood the balance between prying too much and asking the right questions. I don't know if it was the guidance counselor in her or he just always knew the best way to get the most out of us, but anytime I need someone to talk to, my mother is always there.

Her determination is probably her best quality, and if it isn't it's the one I hope I get from her. Whether it's trying to become a Nationally Accredited Couselor (done) or lose some weight (done), her work ethic is something that can inspire. And on top of all of that, she's the best cook in the world, and anyone that knows me, knows that solid culinary skills goes a long way in my book.

I love you mommy...have a great day

I didn't forget you Litt, you've officially joined the "Jason Boone's Little Big Brother" list. There aren't too many guys I consider my "brothers." I only got one B4L, but I got a few "brothers" in this world, and you are one of them. But I'll be around to make sure you have a good birthday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Get Caught Up

Every so often it'll happen where I have a lot of things going on in my head and I wont' want to dedicate an entire blog to each particular issue. Therefore my blog will start to bounce all over the place like our PG Chester Fraziers blog, where apparently anything goes.

Okay so first off, the blog about our team bonding roadtrip is on the way...I'm waiting to see if I can upload videos straight to the blog or if I have to upload them to youtube first.

Secondly, I want to shout out my JETS, being a Yankees fan as well I've been on both sides of the "everyone wants you to beat those guys" fence. I am not sure what side is better, but I enjoyed the hell out of that game. The Jets haven't given up a touchdown all season (although we're only two games in) we've already played against two of the best receivers and one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

Staying on the football note, I need to make some major changes in my fantasy football league. Maurice Jones-Drew, aka the savior of my team, has yet to show up in two weeks, and the determined Jay Cutler has not been at the level I expected him to be. It also didn't help benching Cedric Benson and Willis McGahee while playing Brandon Jacobs and Kevin Smith. Trades are pending as I type this...

Back to basketball, we had an intense game against a rival of ours last night here in Gottingen and ended up pulling out the W. Once the highlights are available to post, I'll elaborate a little, but basically, we're on the right path to be where we need to be come Oct 9th.

In the most impressive news of the day...both my girlfriend Holly and her friends Meggie and Liz-O completed their half marathon ahead of the goals they set. I know I got a little crazy with Sunday's blog, but I definitely am very proud of all three of them. I worked an NYU cross country meet and I swear, the last leg of those races are the biggest test of will out there. More than match point at Wimbledon or the 18th hole at the Masters. Shoutouts to Team Smith

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"I was raised by this town
To believe the words they put inside me
They made me hide
Inside their loving arms around me"
--Sunrise Avenue- Choose To Be Me

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chris Breezy

In trying to add to my ever growing music collection today, I decided to download Chris Brown's Exclusive album. I guess, I can be honest with you guys huh? I really only downloaded it so I can learn the Take You Down dance to perform for my girlfriend when she comes to visit.

That Chris Brown album prompted me to remember two very funny videos I've seen since the "Rihanna incident" ...enjoy

Keep up the good work Breezy

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"It ain't my first time but
baby girl we can pretend
hey let's bump and grind
girl tonight will never end"
--Chris Brown- Take You Down

Monday, September 21, 2009

No Dunks Here

Remember this...LeBron camp tapes confiscated?

LeBron came out and said that it was no big deal being dunked on, and I happen to agree. Everyone gets dunked much so that people can start blogs called You Got Dunked On. However, for all the people who I've put on posters, it's only right that every once in awhile I have the favor returned. Although I can count on one hand, the times in my life I've been thrown on chest to chest, I would feel like a coward if I tried to hide it, or confiscate the tapes.

Quick background of the game though...this team was a rival of ours from the second league a few years back, and are a team full of "no-names" that go out there and play hard, similar to us. Therefore it's no surprise that it went down to the wire...just make sure you watch the whole thing because here was how the game ended...

We were up two and got if we make both, it's a two possession game (because it's very hard to score 4pts in one trip down the court) but we only made the first FT...luckily for us...after getting posterized and not having a chance to get him back, I had to go ahead and tap in the missed FT to go up 5 and eventually win the game.

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"I'm doin' a hundred on the highway
So if you do the speed limit, get the F*CK outta my way
I'm D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober
and you about to get ran the F*CK over"

--Ludacris- Move B*tch

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Running A Marathon

Running has always been a punishment for me. Point blank. Period.

Whether it was my AAU coach sending us to the baseline for suicides, my football coach sending us behind the field for hills or my NYU coach sending us up to the track for conditioning, me and running have never gotten along.

Honestly, I don't know whether this is a picture of a mass execution or the start of a marathon

I understand the importance of being in good shape, and also what kind of difference good cardiovascular health makes, but that's why I've invested a lot of time in my jumprope. Having said all of that, I'm still an athlete and get to compete everyday. But what happens when my playing days are finished? Where do I go for that taste of competition that I love so much? I'm not sure where I will find it when that day comes, but I promise you it will not be this thing -->

It was brought to my attention by "Team Smith" (my girlfriend and her college tennis teammate) that when athletes finish their playing days they still need competition. "Okay" join a women's tennis league or a raquetball club. That'd be much more fun than running around a track or through a borough wouldn't it?

As soon as I learned that they don't do this because it's fun, but rather because it's a challenge, I can give them my full backing/blessing. Before I knew that, I swore they were going crazy. Just like all cross-country runners. Although I worked an NYU XC meet and saw some people's will to finish a race impress me like none other. Shout outs to my NYU XC people.

Anyway, back to these "former atheletes"...Holly and Meggie Smith (no relation) are heading out to Flushing today to run the New York Road Runners Half Marathon Gran Prix Presented By Continental Airlines: Queens

This is the description from the website..."The view from MacNeil Park, a nub of land poking out into Long Island Sound, is just one of many attractions you’ll pass during this fourth race of the Grand Prix series. Be greeted by the residents of College Point, Malba, Whitestone, and Beechhurst as you cruise through the streets of New York City's largest and most diverse borough"...sorry you're going to have to do better than that to inspire me.

So ladies, this blog is for you Hopefully you got up out of bed early enough to read this before you left...but you'll do great. I know it. And how do I know? Because Holly, if you don't finish, you can't come visit. And Meggie, if you don't finish, you don't get an MEG Gottingen sweatshirt. And I want them both in under 2:15 too.

How is that for motivation

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"If it make you feel better, picture me over and done with
Punk bitch, come with all the gossip you can come with
Small thang to a giant, I can overcome this
If God with me, who could be against me sucka?
Can't make me suffer, just make me tougher"

--TI- Moviation

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What A Jackass

Being six hours behind, it was difficult to stay up and watch the MTV music awards the other night. By now I should have caught it, seeing as how MTV replays it more than Drake songs on Hot 97. Anyway, the story of the night was definitely that jackass Kanye West going up and disrupting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech.

We all know he's outspoken and yeah he's ballsy but if I were a marketer for Hennessy I'd be drooling on myself right now...especially after all of these pictures surfaced...

In the week it's been since the MTV Awards, Kanye West is back to his ignorant ways, not only interrupting Taylor Swift, but also one of the most important people in the world...

...but she would exact some revenge for the both of them...

...and she ended up getting her apology...

--thank you "COB"

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"my albums top ten
and that fifteen weeks later
so that's a middle finger
for you 808 haters"
--Kanye West ft. DJ Class- I'm The Ish

Friday, September 18, 2009

MEG vs. Bremerhaven Eisbaren

We are heading home from our four-day team bonding roadtrip to this mountain chain in the Czech Republic (more details to come) but this was one of our recent scrimmages against a team in our league.

Let's just say the game was decided by a last second 3 pointer and two intentional fouls which resulted in disqualification...I can't wait for the season to start.

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"Get your face covered in dirt
cuz after death
there's nothing left
so therefore nothing is worst"
--The A-Team- Pop Off

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MEG vs. Bayern Munich

By now, we're in the midst of our 3 day road trip/team building adventure and probably getting ready to play this Munich team again...but here are the highlights from our last home scrimmage against these same Munich cats back on Sept 12th...

The reason for the win was definitely lock down defense (yessir John Little)

And fastbreaks that led to easy buckets...(yessir Chris Oliver and Brandon Thomas)

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"I should leave Earth, nothing left to do here
everyday is Christmas and every night is New Years
say whatever, I've never been concerned about who hears
call my town Sparta and I"m coming with two spears"
--Drake- Asthma Team

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Out of sight, out of mind...that's usually how it goes with movie stars right? Well, it just so happens that Patrick Swayze and I had a falling out back when my cousin Taryn used to make me watch Dirty Dancing every day after school for the majority of my elementary years of school.

It also turns out that Ghost was one of my favorite movies, simply because of the guy who said "GET OFF MY TRAIN"

Anyway, since then I haven't really heard/talked about Patrick Swayze that much until recently when I discovered he was battling cancer. I wouldn't have even known about it if it wasn't for my girlfriends brother Spencer getting a role in the remake of his 1984 film Red Dawn. You all better go see that by the way. Anyway, after researching the movie I realized he wasn't doing too well but heard he was still shooting his A&E Drama "The Beast" and it's definitely a show that I wanted to start watching. Since I'm waiting for Entourage to finish before I can start watching it, The Beast will have to hold me over. Here's a trailer, if you are at all interested, and at this point I guess all that's left to say is may he rest in peace.

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"Lonely rivers flow to the sea,
to the sea
to the open arms of the sea
lonely rivers sigh 'wait for me, wait for me'
I'll be coming home wait for me
--The Righteous Brothers- Unchained Melody

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wrap City The Basement

So that wraps up my "Meet The Team" series, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did out here. As things like this series often do, it may prompt a "round two" down the road and there are still some people around the MEG office that may have one coming because they felt the need to publicly or privately take a stab at myself or one of my teammates. And I"m the only one allowed to do that. Beware...No one is safe.

We are getting ready to head to Chemnitz and Munich (and a mystery stop in between) for the next 4 days so I can't promise getting a blog to you every day but I will try. Our highlights from the previous weekend should be out, and I'd imagine they'll be a quick Patrick Swayze blog, but I gotta get going.

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"Everybody tried turning their backs on him, relaxed on him
tried blaming the downfall of rap on him
said it was n*ggas like me that was bad for it
with all the drugs and murder and tough trash talkin"
--Ransom- This Is The End

Meet The Team: Chester Frazier #13

Dee Brown Chester Fraizer University of Illinois 6'0" 200lb Guard
aka Dee Brown

aka I Cant' Tell Who's Who

aka Chaz
aka Vegas Midget 
aka Public Service Announcement 
 aka Pretty Ricky

aka Tipsy

aka Levance Fields?
yeah aka Levance Fields

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"I started rappin back in the class
Scribbling tracks
In hopes that one of my jokes
Would have the pretty young things laughin"
--Gym Class Heroes- Peace Sign/Index Down

Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet The Team: Chris McNaughton #7

Chris McNaughton Bucknell University 6'10 250lb Center
aka Simien's Nightmare
aka McNasty
aka Naughty
aka Travis Knight
aka Street Fighters Zangief
aka X-Men's Strong Guy

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"ShakeDown's the movement, we movin'
Los' left the door open, we moved in
now the R studded (studdard) up like Ruben"
--Red Cafe ft. Sheek Louch- Buck Buck

Meet The Team: Taj Finger #31

Taj Finger Stanford University 6'7" 175lbs (soaking wet) Forward
aka Give Them The Finger
aka Taj Mahal
aka Gumby
aka Shaggy
aka Olive Oil
aka Screetch
aka Butt-Head
aka Kevin McHale
Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"I done seen niggas hit LA and get dey chain snatched,
Then they call me up, beggin' me to get dey chain back,
What I look like the mudafukin Police,
It's certain rules you got to follow, when you in these streets"
--The Game ft. Snoop & Xzhibit- California Vacation

PS: Like most guys, Taj wakes up everyday with "Mourning Would"...check it out