Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Things To Note

My blog kicks off tomorrow and I can't remember being this excited about something since...well, since the first practice last night followed by the preseason running test (13 hours off of the plane).
Now I know Blogs are personal and don't necessarily need a structure but I like structure and it's my blog...therefore they'll definitely be some things that you'll see everyday...and rather than just randomly throw them in there or waste an entire blog post about them (although I guess that's what this is right?)...I'll just go ahead and briefly describe them to you the way my blog's starting in 24 hours...Tuesday Sept 1, 2009.
(Artist) Lyric Of The Day: Sometimes it'll pertain to the blog, sometimes it won't. Sometimes it'll just be a lyric I heard that day and feel like writing down. But what you all will come to realize, as my college roommates did, when you live with me, music is ALWAYS on. If I was studying it was Smooth Jazz, if I was working out it was Techno Beats and if I was just chillin' it could've been anything. The lyric, like the blog topic, can range from Dave Matthews to David Banner or from Jim Jones to Jimmy Eat World.

Do What You Do: This has been my phrase since high school. My good friend and high school basketball teammate, Matt Atkins, used to always drop it and it just stuck with me. Matt showed up to my going away party at 2am straight from the airport and therefore, deserves another shoutout. Good looks kid. It's such a simple saying (like that alliteration?) but since I've been "doing what I do" I never second guess myself and that leads to a boost in self-confidence...which we all need every so often.

Hallelujah Hollaback: This phrase will always hold true to my heart because my first roommate in Germany used to say it all of the time. In the beginning, I thought it was as corny as it was comical, but soon after, found myself saying it back to him constantly. As I was thinking of a catchy tag phrase, I couldn't shake the idea of combining these two distinctly different phrases as one. That my friends, is an example of "doing what you do."

...blackhercules21...: Jared Kildare = My Go-To Guy (pause). Whether it's relationship questions, Hip-Hop concerns, fashion advice or career planning, Jared has been dropping me dimes both on and off the court for years now. He's got a bad habit of dying at his jokes before he finishes telling them, but is still my dude nonetheless. He's the one that gave me the nickname and ever since, it's kinda he was at my Going Away party and is deserving of this shoutout...

I'll get at you all tomorrow.

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