Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet The Team 2010

With the first game less than 24 hours away I suddenly realized that you all haven't met the team. I didn't have enough time to get as descriptive as last year but I think it'll be okay because some of the faces should be familiar.

You guys have already met...

The Sharpshooter Robert Kulawick #5.... 
(click for Kula's 2009 description)

The Captain John Little #11...
(click for John's 2009 description)

Mr. Do It All Dwayne Anderson #22...
(click for DA's 2009 description)

And Yours Truly The Incredible Jason Boone #21...
(click for my 2009 description)

...But As Far As The New Guys Go...Allow Me To Make Introductions...

Mike Scott #4 Kent State University aka "Slim"
Besides having a freakishly long wingspan the dude is quick and has hops. Making him  the favorite for putting opponents on a poster this season. When he takes off it's a good idea to go the other way because it's normally going to end up bad  for the defense. Also as far as locker room guys go...he's top Meet Mike...

This is Mike Scott at Kent State

This is Slim against Bamberg

And here he is after his recent visit to India to study the Yoga Based Fighting Style (Dhalsim)

Trenton Meacham #7 Illinois University aka "Trent"
Your All-American Good Boy. If BG Gottingen was an American High School drama based in the suburbs he'd be the Pretty Boy Quarterback. And with Kulawick on the team that's not an easy thing to accomplish. But as "clean cut" and "on the straight as narrow" as Trent may come off favorite thing about this dude is that he's not afraid to get down and dirty on that basketball a teammate you cannot ask for more. So Meet Trent...

This is Meacham in college

This is Trent during the preseason

And here he is working on his post-basketball TV/Music career (Peter Andre)

Kyle Bailey #9 Santa Clara University aka "KB"
It's gotta be more than pure coincidence that those are his initials because he is a "Knowledge Base." One of the smartest players on and off the court coupled with being one of the biggest competitors and leaders I've ever played with is a great combination. When we spoke this summer it was about coming back to this team for one reason only...To Win. So Meet Kyle...

Here Is Kyle In His Villain Outfit

Here Is KB In His Superhero Outfit

And Here Is KB after Addi's Strength Program (Vin Diesel)

Adam Waleskowski #10 Florida State University aka "Awal"
Speaking of acronyms AWAL can stand for 1 of 2 things...Absent Without Authorized Leave which is what he makes opposing defenses. Honestly this guy can score on anyone...even those who pride themselves on defense. It can also stand for Around the World in A Lifetime which is what he will be able to say one day. It always helps having a guy who is a little older and who has played "here" "there" and "everywhere in between." So Meet Adam...
Here's Adam reppin' FSU

This is AWAL reppin' BGö

And here is a preview of post-bball Adam when he becomes American again (Hacksaw Jim Duggan)

Louis Dale #12 Cornell University aka "Lou"
Lou reminds me a lot of myself...minus the NFL Tight End body frame. Educated, witty and horrible with ladies, I've had the chance to room with him on every road trip so far and feel like I have lucked out. Except for that one time I walked in to him singing and dancing to Usher...that was a little awkward. So Meet Lou...

This is Lou ruining everyone's NCAA bracket

This is Dale doing whatever the hell it was he was doing

And here he is in his High School Yearbook Senior Picture (Steve Urkel)

Christoph Tetzner #13 Tip-In aka "Tetz"
Tetz is your typical Berlin Bad Ass...I had the chance to play with a few of them during my days in Bernau and although Jan and Kula think they are some...they aren't. It's good to have another one on the team. Plus the fact that he does Karate...shiiiiiiiit...that just adds to being a bad ass. So Meet Tetzner...

Here is his parents call him...before he hit puberty

Here is Tetzner reeking havoc for opponents (even thru 3 of em with one holding his waist he got the ball)

And here is Tetz pursuing his goal to be the Ultimate Bad Ass (Chuck Norris)

Jermain Raffington #25 Ehingen aka "Maine"
Jermain is so Westernized I forget he's a "German." Sometimes it's the music he listens to, sometimes it's the way he dresses...or possibly the fact that he speaks better English than Rocky Trice (and Chris Oliver just because I know he's reading this) but he's one dude on or off the court I know always has my back and that's a great way to feel about a teammate. So Meet Jermain

Here is Jermain jumping for a rebound (you gotta box out)

Here is Maine stylin' off the court

And here he is doing the Mambo Number Five (Lou Bega)

Cornelius Adler #31 Ehingen aka "Corny"
 Every team has a young German and he's ours. But for the guys who actually know him they'd say he's the funniest guy on the team. And sometimes I don't even think he knows it. German players can sometimes get the label of having no heart or not playing with enough heart all the time. Especially the younger ones new to the league...but I'll tell you what, Corny embodies our team philosophy that You Can't Teach Heart just as much as the most seasoned veteran...and it's because of that I know we'll be successful. So Meet Cornelius...

Here is Cornelius wearing socks with sandals (who does that?)

Here is Adler showing that White Men Can Jump

And here he is being a GIANT humanitarian (Eli Manning)

Season is officially kicking off tomorrow and it's good to know that the guys on this team are again good quality dudes. Stay tuned to find out how the team you just met does this season. 

"Do What You Do" --blackhercules21


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