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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

from the MEG website: summer update 1

I am too lazy to keep two blogs so for the remainder of the summer I'll just import the weekly/biweekly blogs from my MEG website

21 minutes? 21 days?? 21 years??? I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to get over our playoff lost. And honestly, I still don't know if I have gotten over it. First, it was the fact that the team that beat us, got swept in the next round. KIND OF FRUSTRATING. Then it was the news that we may not qualify for European competition after losing so early. VERY FRUSTRATING. Then it was the repetitiveness of the people here in America saying "how did your team do this year?" and having to tell, and retell, the same story of their clutch shots, our lack of experience and some questionable calls. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. Once I finally thought I could get over it, I see that Oldenburg was crowned BBL champion. MOST FRUSTRATING OF ALL.

Now I can't help but think that the championship was ours for the taking. I mean, we did sweep them during the regular season. But there is nothing we can do about it now, besides work hard in the off-season to assure we are in contention for a championship next year.

Yeah I know...I haven't really kept up with my blogs...and I also know that last summer I was blogging about vacations and parties and concerts...but like I said before. Once you get a taste of winning and success, it makes you that much more hungry to go after it again. Therefore, there will not be as many crazy stories to tell from this summer. I won't bore you with tales of working out, shooting free throws, lifting weights. I'll be sure to entertain with stories of guarding Ron Artest in the Pro City basketball summer league or throwing alley oops to Yi Jianlian at the New York Athletic Club workout facility.

Although I don't have any vacations planned for the time I am home, I was able to go down to Hilton Head for a week as soon as I got back. Hilton Head is a little island off of the coast of South Carolina and besides the scorching heat down there in the summer, it was one of the most relaxing things I've done in a long time. I finally used my birthday gift for a "Head to Toe" massage at the Vital Spa the day before I left so the transition into a relaxing vacation couldn't have been better. The timeshare in Hilton Head is owned by Holly's grandparents Lou and Marilyn. I never really had a chance to know either of my grandfathers, so getting to spend some time with Holly's was a real pleasure, he was a Professor at Washington University in St. Louis (a school in New York University's basketball conference) so we had a nice little talk about when I used to play against them. But he is one of the most brilliant men I have ever gotten a chance to speak with. Now her grandmother, although smart too, blew me away with how active she was. She did some sort of activity everyday, whether it was walk the beach, walk the resort, or ride bicycles down the main road, And had no problem keeping up with Holly and I while doing it either.

Since I've been home, after the relaxing vacation, I've been working pretty hard at the gym. And I think my dedication to working hard is becoming contagious with my family members. My brother Malcolm, who just finished his first year of basketball at Keystone College, is very eager to gain some muscle so we lift together. Then there is my dad who still thinks he can beat me in basketball. He still talks about the last time my brother and I played him and my mom 2 on 2 and they won. I was 11, Malcolm was 6 and they only beat us by one. But since we haven't played a "real game" since then, there isn't really much my brother and I can say...and it kills us. But my dad has been helping me get shots and post moves up almost everyday...that's all he's good for now is being a rebounder. Lastly, there is my Mom (and occasionally my Aunt) who are concerned with finally making this the summer they are going to get in shape. So the three of us hit the track at least once a week together to build up our stamina. With the support of a family like that, there are no longer any excuses why this shouldn't be the best season ever.

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