Monday, April 12, 2010

Get Familiar

So I know I've been MIA for awhile but I have a good excuse...ready?

Toward the end of one of my best statistical games of the season I fell from the rim and landed on my left side. I felt an immediate and sharp pain shoot from my shoulder blade down through my finger tips. I sat there for a second and made sure my shoulder was okay. Then checked my elbow and made sure it was just my funny bone. Then I looked at my wrist and was able to move it around with no I was thinking I was good but then I looked down at my middle finger and it was shaped like the number 7. So I made a fist and watched it pop half way back in. By this point my trainer was there and he walked me to the bench to pop it in all the way. He immediately told me that it was broken but asked if I could go back in and play. Adrenaline was pumping through the veins and the game was close so I replied with an immediate "yes" and worried about the finger after the game. Once the adrenaline wore off and the pain set in I could only think of one thing as I sat in the hospital. "Kobe Bryant"

This guy broke his right index finger and was quoted as saying "you just get used to it, it's a different technique to shoot the ball." So when the doctor walked in and told me 6-8 weeks I simply said "that's impossible, find a way to make sure I suit up [two days later]" Now the doctor told me there's a chance my finger could have ended up looking like this guys but it was just the top knuckle so I'll take my chances. Someone better tell these doctors to GET FAMILIAR

Now, since I've been out the blog game (it's extremely annoying to type without your left middle finger) I decided to get back on my "Brothers & Sisters" (pause). Every family has problems, mine included, but these Walkers...well they fit a ridiculous amount of problems and solutions into 41 minutes. Meaning between the cliffhangers and the blocks of free time, I watch at least four episodes a sitting. Without giving anything away, something major happens to two of my favorite TV characters in the most recent season. With the exception of Entourage and Dexter this is my favorite show on Television. Those three cover a wide array of spectrums and I feel like it completes my TV trifecta. If you are unfamiliar I'd recommend you to GET FAMILIAR very quickly because last month, ABC deemed Season 5 a "go."

Sticking with the TV theme I've also had a chance to check off a few "movies I've wanted to see since the Oscars." Most notably Brothers and Blindside which were neither as good as expected but enjoyable nonetheless. They were both held to pretty high standards so maybe if I could relate to my wife and brother hitting it off or being adopted and looked after by Sandra Bullock I would have enjoyed them more.

Besides the TV series' and the movies I've had a good amount of time to tidy up my music collection. Slaughterhouse (aka the Supergroup aka The Four-Headed Monster aka The Greatest Rap Group of All Time) just signed to Shady Records. So their next collective album is going to be another instant classic (remember where you heard it first)... Anyway, independently all of the members are dropping solo projects

Joell Ortiz- Free Agent
Crooked I- Million Dollar Story
Joe Buddens- Mood Musik 4
Royce Da 5'9"- Bar Exam 3

So as of late, to create that buzz, these dudes have been leaking tracks and freestyles and I'm willing to argue that there is no other "Hip Hop Artist" that can compete with any of these four right now. So if you aren't familiar with Slaughterhouse...GET FAMILIAR...Here is a little taste of how lyrical these guys can be.

"I do this for Sean Bell nobody's forgotten you
I do this for Diallo yeah this what Amadou (I'ma do)
I do this for both Kings, Martin Luther and Rodney
Life beat my ass til Hip Hop came and got me"

"I'm a big f*ckin deal ask Biden, the flow walkin' on water just like Posiedon
with a Trident, I get rich or die trying, just like the n*gga five times ten
so every event you'll see me there faithfully, I'm in the "house n*gga" like I was light skinned during slavery"

"It makes sense, I'm being framed I'm a work of art, But if you broke dawg
Don't blame the economy, Don't come with a handout, Don't try to E.Honda me 
See, I never ask niggas to come and be fond of me
You met your match now, what up eHarmony?"

"You heard who better than me? B*tch bring em, uhhh, he stepped up like Rocky
he’ll probably be finished. He’ll go from looking like he Balboa to Rocky Dennis
you thought you was winning...til every tooth in your mouth is in a pouch in your pocket
the next time you talk to your dentist"

And just so you know I'm not a lazy, 9 strong finger having bum I've also made significant progress in my book. It's entitled Talent is Overrated and it suggests that an ability to achieve greatness is more related to life experiences, lucky breaks and harder work rather than God-given abilities or natural born talent. It's not fair to try and paraphrase 300 pages in two sentences but it's a well written book with a lot of evidence to make you I'd also suggest that if you are looking for a way to pass the time. If you didn't remember that reading is fundamental then you should probably go ahead and GET FAMILIAR.

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...

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