Friday, August 20, 2010

48 Hours

As I count down my last 48 hours in America, I can only think about these three questions.

The first one being, did I do everything I wanted to do this summer? Looking back, it's been a great one. I rehabbed this bum ankle and finger. I went to Las Vegas, I attended my first bachelor party and my first wedding. I got to figure out which friendships were worth holding onto and which ones it was time to let go of. But most importantly, I finally made the effort to spend quality time with my family. In years past I was in such a rush to get back to America and see college friends, girlfriends, high school friends etc etc that I always returned to Europe thinking I should have spent more time with my FAMILY. As much as I never wanted to be, I was always that guy who went back to visit High School teachers and college coaches because, well sh*t Life Was Good and I needed to be reassured that what I was doing...they knew about. But I finally got over that. Although a European Challenge Championship is more than enough to brag about it wasn't something I really found myself doing. (Probably because my father had it done by the time I got home but whatever the case may be) I think I enjoyed this summer more than anyone thus far because I finally wasn't worried about rushing and doing a ton of things for other people but more about just doing whatever it was I wanted. I understand my situation is unique but I was telling my brother that if there is something out there you want to do, at the end of the day, you are the only one that stands between you and doing it. And I feel good knowing I took that advice to heart this summer. So I can honestly say, I did everything I wanted to do this summer...and some.

The next question I keep asking myself is Am I ready to go back? I've been very fortunate in my career to not have to deal with serious injuries, and maybe that's why I couldn't deal with being injured this past season. After all the work I put in, all the sprints I ran, all the laps I swam, part of me feels like I'm right back where I was last season. And for guys that have been injured, they know how it is to're working harder than you ever worked just to get back where you WERE. The whole concept is crazy. But if it taught me anything it's that I need to keep up this work ethic all season long. I would NEVER, and let me repeat this...NEVER say any of the guys I played with last year took the easy route out by leaving...there are a ton of reasons why some players didn't come back...but for me, personally, there was no other choice. I'm the kind of player that needs to be pushed everyday and I know winning that title last year has now become a standard. I'm not going to go online and make any guarantees but the truth of the matter is that the people of Gottingen have now gotten used to winning. And when people come to expect something of you, it's the perfect "pressure" to perform. I obviously look forward to getting back out there, seeing my friends from the city, eating great food, but most importantly get to work with the new TEAM. So although this was my best summer, I'd have to say I am ready to get back.

The last question that's rattling around in this brain of mine is what am I going to do to escape from basketball this year. Because let's be honest...even if you are like me, and have the best job in the world, there is a negative outcome associted with making your job = your life. Everyone needs to get away from what they do fulltime for a little. My first year in Gottingen I really tried to travel every chance I got, last year I dedicated myself to blogging everyday but this year I was thinking about picking up another skill. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm on a few business ventures right now (which will be blogged about on a later date) but "other work" shouldn't be a release from "work." They also know that music is the only other thing I'm as passionate about as basketball. And that's why this year, I want to learn how to play the piano. So now my mission becomes finding someone in Gottingen to give piano lessons, probably no more than once a week, for a reasonable price. Escapes can often change but that's what it is right now.

So I just took myself (and you, the reader) on a journey of my past (summer) present (season) and future (new skill). Stay tuned to how it turns out. I'll be launching a new blog theme this year and although I won't be blogging as much, I'm hoping you'll still enjoy the content.

"Do What You Do" --blackhercules21

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  1. "So although this was my best summer, I'd have to say I am ready to get back."

    It sounds like you have become a man who is ready at any given moment. It's inspirational.

    And tell me when you have your first Piano recital. I want to be there for that.

    Peace, Rich Lopez