Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My New Toy

I've been going back and forth the past couple of days trying to decide whether or not I wanted this new iPad but as is normally the case with Apple (and it's not a bad thing if you are a "mac-person") they keep everything proprietary. So being a PC guy I've decided to take my business to Archos and get that new Tablet #'s a little more condusive to what I need it for. Lightweight, portable, wi-fi, touchscreen, windows already installed etc etc etc...I'm looking forward to when it gets here and I can play with it.

And I'm only blogging about this because for $500 it's going to be attached at the hip at all times

                                                                                            "Do What You Do" --blackhercules21

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  1. After using apple and pc products, it is true, apple once you get used to them are much less of a headache and more user friendly. I actually have never heard of this product though I figured Microsoft would have some sort of answer to the iPad. Let me know how it is buddy, even though I would personally get the iPad.