Friday, November 19, 2010

EuroCup Game 1 Recap: Rough Week For Tony Parker

About every 30 seconds during our game in Lyon, France last week a digital banner would pop up saying "Tony Parker" with some French word in front of it. I later learned that the word was "owner", as he is part owner of the ASVEL basketball club. Back in February '09 it was reported that in the hard economic times, it's never too early to begin thinking about your retirement. As the then 26yr old proved by buying himself "a nice little retirement package: a French basketball team. In an interview aired on France's Infosport cable network, Parker announced his purchase of the second largest share of ASVEL, France's most titled professional basketball team, and he will, he says, begin serving immediately as the club's Director of Operation."

Now my only hope is that us beating ASVEL last week, them firing their coach, and Tony Parker getting divorced wasn't all contingent on each other. Because I heard that Tony was sending scandalous text messages to, former teammate, Brent Barry's wife and Eva found out. To pay for the lawsuit Parker took money from the team budget, in turn the players were upset...weren't winning games and then Coach gets fired. But here at my "real life" can wait we (meaning I, since I'm the only one writing here) don't like to slander the truth nor start until reports come out confirming why they lost to us...why they fired the coach and why Tony Parker is divorcing that beautiful wife of his I will not delve any further into these topics.

Watch More Highlights (w/ a hot techno song)

Asvel Basket relived head coach Vincent Collet of his duties at the club, Asvel basket chairmen Gilles Moretton announced on Wednesday. The move comes one day after the team lost its Eurocup opener at home against BG Goettingen. Collet was in his third season with the team. He led Asvel to the French championship in 2009 and an appearance in the Euroleague last season. This season did not go as well as Asvel started the season 2-4 in the French League and now with a loss in the Eurocup. Collet is also the head coach of the French national team.

What I do know however is that the hair on Robert Kulawick is much better than the hair on Matt Walsh


 Here are some sights and sounds from our trip to France's second largest city. Lyon is a city known for silk weaving and housing the headquarters for EuroNews, International Cancer Research and Interpol.

"Do What You Do" --blackhercules21

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