Monday, November 29, 2010

Homegirl Is Doing It Big

Redlight Greenlight 1-2-3!! It seemed like every night growing up I would ask my parents if I could go outside and play that game with the kids on down the street. Bronxwood Avenue between Adee and Arnow was where I spent the first 14 yrs of my life. Across from PS 76 and on the direct path of the BX8 bus. I remember it like it was yesterday, just like I remember my parents telling me "you aren't allowed to leave the block." When that happens you let your childhood imagination run wild with games to play in a confined space. And that's why my four neighbors Cherrye Davis, Jasmine and Charleen Jacobs and Dwayne Gilroy will forever have a spot in my heart.

But just as I was accomplishing one of the greatest feats of my basketball career, in beating a future NBA Hall of Famer, it seems that another kid from that little block in the BX is doing her thing as well. I just saw a trailer for a film coming out called For Flow and there she is...Cherrye Davis...doing it big. She was also an NYU alum (just throwing that out there) who let everyone know from Day 1 (of those Christmas Sing-A-Longs) that she was going to be a star. Check my girl out in the trailer for her short film debut...

 I'm proud of you

"Do What You Do" --blackhercules21

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  1. Thanks love, Love u too Jay, and I'm proud of YOU : )