Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Thought Death Came In 3's?

Go ahead and say it...Whatchutalmbout Willis? Actually, this blog begins with the death of Gary Coleman but between the Golden Girl and John Wooden it's getting crazy. Last year when I got home it was Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Steve McNair...back to back to back...and so this year I thought I was done with death after Arnold Jackson aka Gary Coleman, Blanche Devereaux aka Sex and the City's Samantha before Samantha aka Rue McClanahan and The Wizard of Westwood aka John Wooden had all passed away...but then I got some pretty devastating news.

Not devastating in terms of someone close to me died...actually I'd never met him but I knew his wife. Her name is Grace and she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She worked at the gym I've been going to since I was in highschool and she's one of the people that my father, who has a bit of problem bragging about his sons, keeps updated on how things are going. So when I get to the gym today and I ask her co-worker "where's Grace?" and she tells me "her husband died" it was tough to hear. Especially when I found out how tragically it happened.

Greg, her husband, who worked for the NJ Transit, a train line that I'm very used to taking into New York City, was struck and killed by a train. It happened in a maintenance yard outside of Kearny. To my knowledge it's still under investigation and I don't want assume anything until I get all the facts but I do know that the officials said that the "brakes weren't engaged at the time of the accident." I hope  the authorities investigating the case can figure out whatever they need to figure out as fast as possible for Grace's sake.

"Kastner, whose job was to help shuttle engines in the Meadows Maintenance Facility yard, had just completed fueling his engine, and was walking back to another locomotive, when he was struck, officials said.
NJ Transit police and emergency personnel attempted to revive him after immediately responding to the scene around 3:30 a.m., officials said."

My condolences go out to Grace and the entire Kastner family...I feel for your loss...

On a more humorous note, I walked into the pool area today at the gym in just a towel and it took me almost 20 seconds to realize that I was not at the Badeparadies Eiswiese in Germany...where walking around naked is totally acceptable...luckily for all the small children out there the towel stayed on... #truestory

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