Monday, June 21, 2010

My New Favorite Song

Eminem Said
now homie who's your favorite pain in the ass? who claims to be spitting the same flames as me?
Im Kanye when he crashed, in other words, I got the hood on smash, like I stepped on the gas
destroyed the front and deployed the damn air bags on the dash, went thru em and laughed
came back an hour after the accident and bit a goddamn jawbreaker in half

Royce Said
I got a Posse of Insane Clowns blow your brains on your opposite ear then ask you how ya brains sound?
Bad? Evil? We go..Alfred E...Newman Mad Cerebral you on your last burrito. What that mean Nickel?
It's a wrap if you eating...get a beat then terrorize that bitch like I'm Middle Eastern.
Slaughterhouse on fire nobody touching that good day and good night Ortiz yo where the f*ck you at?...

Joell Said
and this exception, so just point...a direction, and record the pigs oink when I rip his intestines
this isnt' just an infection, this won't go away with penicillin injections, millions of questions arose after they did an inspection, what I exhibit seems to be non-contagious yet anybody can get it...awww shit I done did it again, when I li(f)t up this pen I emitted this phlegm and this time it's alongside Eminem so tell a friend to tell a friend...

Crooked I Said
I'll take ya life to the ninth inning, a knife in a gun fight I love it me and my knife winning
I laugh when you fall the shit'll be funny, I'll buy my bitch a new ass and watch her sit on my money man
all the bitches holla they wanna (drop my bridges)? then jaw my d*ck to swallow, leave drawers in this impala I ball like Iguodala...

"Do What You Do" --blackhercules21

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