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Friday, June 4, 2010

NBA Finals 2010

On the day where I had to watch Frankfurt punch their ticket to the Beko BBL Finals, I got a chance to reflect on one positive of being home at the moment...the NBA Finals. No more staying up until 2-3am trying to watch a bad stream of American TV...nope...I'll be comfortable on my couch (and by couch I mean the local bar) having some drinks with my best friends watching a part of history. Now I must admit...when these two teams squared off back in 2008 I was not as excited. The rivalry seemed outdated and played out. The league seemed like they cheated to get these two teams in...and I was getting ready to go on a cruise...but this year it was obvious that the league would have been happy with a Kobe/LeBron Final...with a rematch of Lakers/Magic or the ever-so-popular Boston/L.A. matchup.

But having a chance to sit and talk with my father, who knows everything there is to know about this rivalry, gave me a strong sense of NBA history. I didn't get the chance to watch such legends as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson play on a nightly basis, but as a student of the game I'm fascinated with the way they both excelled at it. I often think my superior athleticism would have resulted in the dominance of the game back then...but when you really sit and watch how skilled they guys were, it will blow your mind. My most prevalent memories of these guys come from the NBA Superstars Volume 2 VHS which I used to watch religiously as a child...and often still do. The last two music videos were for Larry Bird and Magic Johnson...

Magic says it best...we "play this game to win, to have fun, and to make people happy"

So if this series doesn't get you excited about basketball then you need to either check your history or check your pulse...for as long as the NBA exists there will not be a matchup more revered, renowned, illustrious, distinguished, adored, (okay I'm out of synonyms) or however else you want to describe sit back and enjoy NBA history in the making...Let The Festivities Begin!!!

oh yeah...Lakers In 6...heard it here first
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