Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Wright Review

So I finally saw the film Just Wright...and I wanted to let you all know what I thought about it. Finding out most of the plot on set I was never surprised at anything that happened in the movie but I have to say that Common's acting and basketball skills are on about the same person he was as cool as can be...genuinely a nice guy and seemed to be extremely coachable...but that didn't come across on the screen did it? I didn't particularly think he acted well in this movie...but that didn't stop Paula Patton from looking absolutely phenomenal throughout the film. I mean from start to finish everytime she popped on screen I wished I could sing like Robin Thicke. Common's mother aka Mrs. Cosby aka Phylicia Rashad was my favorite actress in the movie and Common's agent aka Michael Landes aka that cop from Final Destination 2 was my favorite favorite far...was my dunk late in the game and the little "I Got Swag" (cuz I just scored the go ahead bucket in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals) trot back down court...just to be "faced up" moments later for the game...but anyway if you haven't seen the film yet it's probably time to queue it up in your NetFlix because it's out of the theaters...

But speaking of Cameos....has anyone seen this one?

It's me DC the Brain Supreme and my man Steve Roll' I never knew what they were saying but the DC line made me think they were from Washington DC not Atlanta Georgia...and had they been from Chicago I'd believe this cameo a little more...but tell me that guy at 1:00 doesn't look like President check the freeze frame

White House officials have come out and said it's not him...but...what do you guys think? I'm hoping to never be in a position where I'd have to hide cameos I've made in the past but don't you think if that's not him, whoever the hell it is would have said something by now? Anyway, look out for Jason Boone cameos throughout NYC for the next 8 weeks...I'll be all over the place

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  1. I saw that photo on Colbert the other night. Hysterical.

  2. Paula has love and success, a woman will always glow with a certain aura when she has happiness with her man, career and life. She's breathtaking but she also spent the entire summer with her husband, that glow showed in this film. They got pregnant during filming, so there you go. Anyway, the movie was decent.