Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sad SADD Story

Picture This...Prom Night...Hot Date...Prom King...Afterparty...Vodka Shots...Cheeseburgers...Flip Cup...Rum Shots...Beer Pong...Hot Dogs...Unprotected Sex...Bong Rips...Car Keys...Driving

Sounds pretty fun until you decide to get in that car right? I actually passed out with my crown and a hot dog in my hand...missed out on the sex, weed and drunk driving. But, true story, that's how it goes down these days, and it's such a shame, not the sex or the weed, the drunk driving.

My senior year of highschool, the Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) group put on a "Mock Crash" and it really hit home for a lot of my peers. The craziest part about it was that one of the most "popular couples" in the school (football player and captain of the cheerleader squad) were the ones that pretended to be in the crash. He stumbled out of the car, was approached by a policeman, had to do the sobriety tests, was cuffed and put in the cop car. She was lying on the concrete bloody, attended to by the paramedics, eventually put in a body bag and loaded into the back of the ambulance.

Along with freaking out most of the student body, it definitely left a lasting impression in our minds about the dangers of drinking and driving. If I told you I never drove home after having a beer or two I'd be lying, but the truth of the matter is I learned my limitations at a fine establishment called Josie Woods (thank God I never had to drive home from there).

Unfortunately I just read an article on ESPN about a 22 year old pitcher who was killed by a drunk driver. This happens way too often and it's devastating to see what can happen, not only to yourself, but to others when you combine alcohol and automobiles. Being one, that does a good amount of drinking, I think it's important to always keep the dangers about combining the two in mind.

RIP Nick Adenhart

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