Monday, April 27, 2009

Tour De France via Göttingen

Last night on the way home from the Ludwigsburg game (at around 3am) we were stopped at a red light and I woke up from my slumber with drool on my sleeve and Stuedabakerbrown playing on my ipod...only to have a really drunk German guy pull his pants down in front of our van and wiggle his dick at us. I immediately thought I was having a dream, but questioned why the hell I'd be dreaming about something like this. Being only 5 mins from home I decided to get my bearings and stay awake for the rest of the ride...One minute later I saw a three kids chase a fox into an empty lot and right after that I saw two ambulances turn in front of our car on their way either to, or from an emergency. I decided, although we just bounced back from a big win, to stay in...just didn't have that good feeling about the night.

Looking forward to a much deserved day off, all I wanted to do was sleep in but the next morning I woke up to a very familiar voice. It wasn't the voice that usually wakes me up, the "babe you wanna go get coffee" voice of my girlfriend. No, this voice was of the guy who MC's our basketball games at the Lokhalle. I was pretty sure I wasn't dreaming but had to get up and check it out just to be sure. Turns out that same guy was MCing the Tour De Energie which is a bike race that finishes right up the street from our apartment. All the commosion led Holly and I to get up and peep what was going on...turns out the end of a bicycle race is a lot more exciting than I would have thought. I did some research on the trail and best believe you'll never catch me out there riding, but I'll line up at the finish line and cheer 'em on at the end every time.

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