Saturday, June 13, 2009

South Carolina...C'Mon and Raise Up

I just got home from Hilton Head Island down by Savannah, GA and I have to say, it was one of the nicest beach resorts I've ever been to in my life. Holly's family was nice enough to invite us down and the trip was off the hook. Marriott went ahead and outdid themselves when they bought this beach front property right off the coast of South Carolina...the only bad thing about the trip was that I forgot how bad it was to fly domestic. I've been used to those International flights...and even at NYU we didn't really ride any small planes (except for the one time home from Carnegie Mellon). But the flight down was awful, and the first day it rained...but besides that the trip was amazing, played a lot of Tennis (watch out for that backhand), walked along the coast (in 100+ degree weather), ate the best seafood I've ever tasted (and sadly, maybe ever WILL taste), and can check off the first tab on my To Do List for Summer 09...aka I got to RELAX.

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