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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's A Wrap

Our season just wrapped up like a Durum Doner (google it). Usually that means I'm jumping for joy. When basketball season was over in highschool, it usually meant the weather was about to get real nice. When basketball season was over in college, it usually meant a last minute spring break trip, and four more weeks of drunken debauchery. When basketball season was over out here in Germany it means a Queen Sized bed in Sugar Loaf, my dad's recliner, and my mother's Banana Cake.

And although it still means that...the feeling is not as pleasant.

We endured so much as a team this season, guys coming, guys going, big wins, big losses, major injuries, fist fights in practice, sex scandals, assault charges, mafia ties, and making the playoffs. And although that seemed like a lot, it lasted about as long as the first time I had sex. Uhh now that I think about it, that's probably not a good metaphor because even though I'm a stud, I didn't last for 10 1/2 months my first time doing it, and I don't want my virginity back, but hopefully you get the point...the season shouldn't be over.

The kicker is, Holly and I were doing better than we've ever done. Comfort level was at an all time high, she had broken out of her "I don't know anyone out here but you" shell around the new year and was off doing her thing. She loved all the guys on the team like brothers, and it actually broke my heart to see her in the stands as we lost Game 4. We knew it was going to be the end of our local coffee shops, fancy dinner spots and routine walking trails. We were both making money, although not as much as we'd liked, but we didn't have any bills, we traveled every chance we got, and things probably couldn't have gotten much better. It was pretty much like a 8 month vacation.

But those guys over in Bamberg just wanted to ruin everything we had going. Excuses go out the window when the playoffs roll around. We played the same team four consecutive games and they won three of them, not to mention the loss in the German cup and the split of the regular season, making them the better team. Yeah the refs sucked, their gym held 3000 more people than ours, two starters were injured and Bamberg is a big name team but we didn't lose three games in a row all season, making our Playoff series all the more shocking.

Now that it's over and we've had time to settle down, I'm trying to figure out what lies ahead. Contract talks begin this week and as it seems right now, the team will renew their option for one more season. We're about 75% sure, that although a horrible playoff outcome, we'll still qualify for European Challenge which can sway a decision one way or another but I'll keep you all updated. Until then Go F*ck Yourself San Diego

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