Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who's The Boss??

The major problem I have when I come to my parents house is just that...I'm in my parents house. I always have to hear "make up your bed" or "unload the dishwasher"...shut the fuck up!!!

So, as to not deal with any of that this time around, I took the liberty of getting after our lawn today...just imagine you were watching an episode of Ricki Lake and they brought in the ugly housewife and turned her into the prom queen...that's what I did to 95 Creamery Pond Road.

It was actually almost therapeutic, my ipod muted the noise the tools made and before I knew it, it was a wrap...don't be scared to get out there and do some yardwork this summer. Just don't stick your hand in there like this fool did

And also feel free to drive by, if you are around, and peep the masterpiece out there...

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