Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Due To The Circumstances

Starting today I'm banning all social media sites for the rest of 2009. Allow me to explain the reason for this...

Every trending topic on twitter is "Merry Xmas" or "itschristmaseve." Every facebook status update is "happy holidays" or "frohe weinachten" and myspace...well myspace still sucks the big one.  But this year, since I'm going to be away from my family and loved ones I'm deciding to skip the holidays all together.

There are 3 major reasons for this...

Number 1- I have always been a spring and fall guy, don't like it too hot and don't like it too cold. Well out in Germany it's been cold and as of the past 3 years, my favorite Christmas day activity was putting on an ugly sweater, sitting in front of my parents' fireplace and watching It's A Wonderful Life with my family. Since I'm not going to be around this year, they said f*ck it, it shouldn't feel like Christmas and took a trip to "Sunny and 75" Florida.

Number 2- The best part of Christmas was always the presents, it always will be. As a child you look forward to getting them, ripping the paper off and playing with them for the next two weeks non-stop. As a young adult you find the perfect gift for someone you love and it's the best feeling in the world. Concert tickets you stuffed in the stocking, jewelry you spent your entire salary on, or whatever that one thing they needed was. As an old-timer, it's the excitement of watching your children/grandchildren enjoy their gifts, being responsible for buying those gifts, or hoping that you'll be surprised with something special. I agreed not to exchange gifts with anyone here and there is no surprise as to what anyone in my family is getting...
(The Incredible Boone Tee from k1x)

Number 3- I'm too busy for the holidays this year. I feel like it happens in movies sometimes where the dad has to work on the road and is trying to make it home in time for the holidays. As cliche as it sounds, I was always lucky enough to have both parents around during the special moments in my life. I would like to think I will be able to do the same for the kids I hope to have one day, but at this moment in my life, especially with some of the biggest games of the year coming up, I think it's okay to redirect my focuses from "the Christmas I won't have" to the "wins we need to get."

So there it is in a nutshell, the circumstances that will lead to Jason Boone not having a holiday season this year. This is not a cry for attention or a call for sympathy, but rather a realization that every choice in life (to play pro basketball), even though it seems perfect, can come with some consequences (being away from loved ones on the holidays) but I'm okay with it, and I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas...seriously

Real talk an attempt to avoid being the 3rd, 5th, 7th and/or 9th wheel for the next week and a half I'm going to devote a substantial amount of time on making sure my blog is on for the rest of 2009 make sure you check back in for daily posts...Happy Holidays

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  1. you started talking of yourself in third person... from here on out its going downhill ochocinco style... hahahahahahah. Merry Christmas

  2. Sad to read..Take your ugly sweater and join my family and me today. :p
    But seriously... You´re right. living a dream ist not always perfect.
    Anyway (according to the circumstances)..Wish you a merry Christmas

    (p.s: If you take you're teammates and play a good match at Berlin then you got a present for all the basketballfans at göttingen..(-: )

  3. Well son, if it makes you feel any better, Malcolm will be the one suffering through "It's a Wonderful Life" tonight at 8pm. We'll be thinking of you. NICE Shirt!!! Love ya much. DO what you do....

  4. Dude, I want a shirt. For real. And I feel for you. I hope you find a way to have an enjoyable Christmas and New Years. We'll be talking and hopefully I'll see you in March. Peace.