Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pop Bottles

The summer between my sophomore and junior year of college I was at my parents' house watching the news with my mom...pretty cool huh? But check it, I remember this vividly, they were playing tricks on party go-ers and filling up Grey Goose bottles with bottom shelf vodka and seeing if people could taste the difference. Being the liquor connoisseur I am, I'm aware of the different effects a night of drinking top shelf liquor and bottom shelf liquor will have on your morning. But to be honest, with mixers it'd probably be hard to tell the difference, especially after the 5th drink. It'd be nice if you could get Grey Goose for Georgi prices but we don't all live in France...f*ck the French. Just kidding.

Anyway, for as cheap as I am, I have some friends who can vouch for the random nights of popping bottles I've been apart of. I think it comes with the whole facade of playing a professional sports, I definitely don't party like a broke college kid anymore. The things I dreamed about in college (VIP and Groupies) are somewhat a reality these days. Even if the groupies look like these women during the day...

and these women at night...

I'm getting away from the point though...sometimes the guys out here just have an urge to do something for sh*ts and giggles...and we never know when that night is going to be.

We've popped bottles of Rose before seeing a live sex show in Hamburg. We've popped Cristal at a lounge with 5 people in it. And we've popped Moet (after popping Alba) in Berlin. Sometimes there is nothing to celebrate and no one to show off to and sometimes there are. But it's something we feel we need to do. I always thought the first time I popped a $300 bottle of champagne, it'd be New Years in a packed club with women hanging all over me. Once again, the difference between playing in the NBA and the life of a struggling overseas baller...but hey...I wouldn't trade it for the world...

The only 5 lines I can think of where rappers talk about Cristal are as follows...

"Drink the Cristal at the same time
Get intoxicated till we lose are minds
The crowd seperated as we start to shine
I lift you in the air your skirt starts to climb" 

Imagine That--LL Cool J

"Skip the wine and the candlelight, no Cristal tonight
If its alright with you, we fuckin (that's cool)
Deja vu, the blunts sparked, finger fuckin in the park
Pissy off Bacardi Dark" 

F*cking You Tonight--Notorious BIG ft. R.Kelly

"Ya'll don't even know the name of my fleet
It was +Touch Me, Tease Me+ when +Case+ was the shit
You don't know bout the cases I get
Court case, briefcase, suitcase, cases of Cris...Ow"

Down & Out--Cam'Ron ft. Kanye West

"Father, father, and hey I love gold
But can buy anything I want from the records I've sold
Jacuzzi's hot, Cristal is so cold
Neighbors catch contacts, from the blunts that I've rolled"

Number One Spot--Ludacris

"Fuck Cristal, so they ask me what we drinking
I thought dudes remark was rude okay
So I moved on to Dom, Krug Rosé"

Kingdom Come--Jay Z

That Cristal was popped on a random Tuesday I can't wait to see what goes down on New Years?
...Stay tuned and...


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