Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behind The Wheel

After a grueling trip to Russia I came to home to some nice news...I got my German Drivers License and my car one understands the luxury of being able to drive until you lose it. For those of you that don't know the story here it goes...American licenses are only good in Germany for six months...we'll I've been here for 3 years and it finally caught up to me. The rule was if you go back to the states your six months start my first year, when I rode my bicycle everywhere it didn't matter, then last year when I learned how to drive a stick, I was only actually driving for six months (well seven...shhh) but due to some speeding ticket and the same residential address my six months never started over...therefore I was stuck bumming rides and walking places for the past five months. So I finally decided to practice for this German drivers license test. At first I was real motivated, going to study groups, doing all the practice tests, and preparing to take it in German...later decided that was a no-go. So I paid the extra 30 bucks and opted for the poorly translated British English Version...and (after two close calls) I finally passed. But that was just the written came the driving test. Now when you are learning to drive for the first time...10o'clock and 2o'clock are normal...SMOG is easy (you remember smog right? Signal Mirror Over-the-shoulder Go?) and 2 second stops at every stop sign are natural...but after driving in hectic NYC all my life, you pick up some bad habits. So although the Driving Part was supposed to be the easy one, I was a lot more nervous that these guys were going to critique my motor vehicle skills a bit too much. Luckily, when the test was over, the instructor was just kidding when he said "you are a much better basketball player than driver..." and then paused like he was going to fail me. So I passed, got my certificate and now am the rightful owner of a European Drivers License that's valid anywhere in the world and has no expiration date. And since I have this morning off, guess where I'll be???

Anyone got 8 euros?
It's for the car wash people...get your mind out of the gutter

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  2. lol, you mean no more stories about old ladies racing you on bikes?! come on boonie, you are killin me bro...hey, at least you get a hand job out of the deal...i mean a car wash.

    Good stuff man.


  3. lmaooooooooooo!!!


  4. stop it....please tell me that's not in the G HAHA!

  5. Great job son! Now what's with all the hair?
    Love ya