Monday, February 22, 2010

Jacobson Was The Man

A while back I tweeted about how excited I was to play for the German cup. I never got the chance to make the NCAA tournament but have had a handful of teammates that have, and from the way they talk about it, it's one of the things I wish I had accomplished...anyway, this blog is not about my lack of NCAA appearances, but rather my teammate Ben Jacobson and his memorable 26pt Double Overtime  performance against Missouri State in the conference championship for UNI's first trip to the NCAA tournament. *Holy Run-On Sentence!! And FYI...Yes he was the MVP of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament.

This game propelled Northern Iowa to two consecutive 23+ win seasons (the most in school history). What I need you guys to do now is to go online (well if you're reading this then you already online) and vote his Arch Madness Moment as the Number 1 moment in the history of the Tournament.

Here is how you do it...

(2)Highlight the bubble in the "1" column next to
"Jacobson Was the Man -- Ben Jacobson leads UNI to 2004 Arch Madness title in first St. Louis OT final"

(3)Pick Nine other random ones 

(4)Hit Submit...

yeah it's that easy, and once Ben Jacobson wins and he gets the $10,000 grand prize, drinks are on him

Don't Forget That You Can Vote More Than Once...Deadline is Monday Feb. 22nd

Good Looks Ya'll

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