Saturday, March 7, 2009

Got Some New $h!+

I can't remember the last time I went SHOPPING. Honestly, it was probably right after I moved upstate and wanted to make sure I had some "highschool clothes" to wear during the first few weeks of 9th grade. Actually if you knew me freshman year, and some of the things I wore to school, you'd know that that statement was incorrect. The last time I went shopping had to be with my friend Mike during the middle of our freshman year at NYU. We spent all day trying clothes on, bouncing criticism off of each other, and exaggerating the number of girls we would get with thanks to our new outfits. We spent all of our money at Against All Odds and Mike ended up changing his style, and giving all of the "urban" clothes that he purchased to my father and little brother (Greg Boone still wears them today...just ask Mike).

Anyway, now that I have a little money to trick off, I plan on doing a lot of damage this summer in terms of stepping up my dress game. But until then, the random purchases I make throughout this little town of mine get me by. I got a few sweaters and T-Shirts since I've been here, but I came across a German that had on an Obama shirt that I wanted...and luckily he was a fan...he assured me that if we won our next game, he would give me his shirt...right off of his back. After kicking the shit out of our next opponent, I became the proud owner of a new T-Shirt...

check it outFor those of you who aren't up on your "NBA Team Logo Game" that is the Washington Wizards emblem and our new President (new resident of Washington DC) with the basketball. I'm wearing it with pride...However, I do wish the fan wasn't an XL. I haven't worn an XL since freshman year of highschool (and yes it was an XL orange sweatsuit).

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  1. sweet gear.

    do you guys ever play teams from other countries? i just found out my friend from high school is playing for the lugano tigers.

    miss you both. i'm happy you're happy.