Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Going...Green

Yeah my water usage is down, yeah my recycling is up but I still find myself driving places that are in walking distance. However, my American driver's license has recently expired in the eyes of German Law. Only being valid for 6 months, I've actually been driving for a few weeks with an expired license...so until I pass this German drivers test I have been stripped of my car keys. Luckily it was by my girlfriend, whose license is still valid (because it's from Michigan) and she can apply for a European license with no extra testing.

Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, and New York however aren't as lucky. Since my other teammates don't have girlfriends to drive them around like like I do they were forced to invest in another means of transportation. I, on the other hand, am going to take a crack (or a few cracks) at this German driving test and see if I can get me a lifelong EU License (like Anne Mustermann here).

This is Rocky, he is from Georgia...no more license

This is Chris, he is from North Carolina...no more license
This is Charles, he is from Washington DC...no more license

Now when it comes to Holly and I, when we're not walking, we are getting our Driving Miss Daisy impression on...except it's more like Driving Mr. Hoke Colburn. The roles are reversed but I sure can get used to thisP.S Although I'm all the way out here in Germany, it seems my message of professional athletes going green has reached NBA players in the United States. I'm not sure where Louis Amundson heard the message, but I'm pretty sure Channing Frye heard it when him and I hung out at the back entrance of Libation during my junior year (his first year with the Knicks).

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