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Monday, March 23, 2009

My (Not So) Sweet Sixteen

Disclaimer (aka Bullshit Excuse): I'm a professional basketball player...therefore I don't waste my time with college basketball anymore.

If you saw me streaming in my little brother's basketball games during his televised CSAC league games this season you'd obviously know I was lying. But I'm still sticking with that excuse as the reason why my NCAA bracket is so terribly wrong up until this point.

You have to know that when you pull for an upset there is a chance you are going to be wrong...understandable...but when your upsets are West Virginia over Michigan State or Wake Forest over Louisville and those teams don't make it out of the first round it's time to wipe your ass with the bracket.
I know...I'm upset too you damn Demon Deacon...

I guess at the end of the day 12/16 is not TOO bad, but 6/Elite8 and 3/Final4 already is not good at all. Hopefully it'll remain that way and my boy Griffin will be cutting down those nets in Detroit so I can salvage something from this years tournament...but only time will tell.

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