Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Is (almost) Here

So I know the East Coast got a bunch of snow and terrible weather this week, but I'm pretty sure the snow is done out here. It does rain a lot, but March is officially spring time, and as the "look" changes outside, my blog will follow suit.

Learning from my girlfriend, who is an avid blog reader, the best blogs are not the ones that are filled with "fluff" but rather straight to the point. No predictability is what I'm going for here, just more of a "yo check this out" kind of description.

How is this for unpredictability?
My girlfriend thought breaking into the bathroom during my shower was funny and although I didn't mind the scare, or the was all of the cold air she let in that really got under my believe she better keep an eye out for some ice cold water coming over the top of the shower tonight

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