Monday, November 9, 2009

I Got The Swine Flu

Vaccination that is!! Although the shot didn't hurt too bad, the side effects have been kinda trippy. Cold sweats, dry mouth, crazy dreams and an erection lasting longer than 4 hours. Actually, that last one was a lie. Last season, I was one of the only people on the team that opted out of the flu shot, and I was also one of the only people not to get sick. This year was a little different because of our travel schedule. We're going to Russia on November 24 and the Swine Flu has been running wild over in the Eastern part of Europe.

Russia, Ukraine and Serbia (all possible stops during our Eurochallenge schedule) have made attempts to stop the spread. European radio stations report that "as public fears of swine flu grow with the start of the flu season, countries including Ukraine and Afghanistan have temporarily closed schools, while others like Serbia have extended the autumn school vacation. In all cases, the hope is to stop the virus from spreading more quickly."

This H1N1 virus is killing about 11% of the people hospitalized with serious cases, and that seems like a lot to me. I've heard it dubbed as a "young people's disease" but that sucks because I'm a young person, according to "them," whoever they might be.

My little brother told me that there were some confirmed cases at his college as well as a teammate of mine at his old school. I'm no doctor but I've had some instructions from doctor's to not "give my hand to anyone" aka dap people up aka shake people's hands when I see them/leave them. So if you see me walking around town with my mask on, refusing to shake your out stretched hand, now you know why.

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