Monday, November 16, 2009

NY vs. LA Part 3

Ok after today, I'm done comparing NY to LA...I promise. But how could I forget to compare the cities by their sports teams? We all know the Yankees are the World Champs (beat the Angels on the path to champions), and would have beat the Dodgers if they made it to the World Series. Los Angeles doesn't have a professional football team, but if the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49er's or San Diego Chargers are any indication, both of the New York teams would win those battles. The Rangers, Islanders and Kings all sucked last season, but the Rangers are showing the most improvement this season. And in the NBA, we all know the Knicks are patiently waiting for a miracle, but for as good as the Lakers are, and they are good, the Clippers are...

...I think I'm going to go ahead and stay a New Yorker forever

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