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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Basketball Plans

2010 is almost here and as we all know, there are a lot of players whose contracts either run out or can be opted out in 2010. A few are @dwadeofficial, @chrisbosh, @the_real_nash, LeBron James oh yeah and me. I've been in talks with the @thenyknicks about landing LeBron and I but just incase those plans don't pan out, I need to have something on the back-burner.

So here are the three things I'm doing to pad my "real life" resume for when my "real life" begins even though I still want my "real life" to wait...for "real."

...The Bank Job...

I've been in Germany for three years and my level of German is still Intermediate...there is no excuse for this besides the fact that I hang around lazy people and all the Germans want to work on their English...but I've put myself in a position (5hours a week of lessons) to hold my head high and say "I'm Fluent In German" by the time the season is over. The pressure is on me, like a last second free throw, because I recently started a job in the Sparkasse Bank's marketing department. Demands aren't too crazy, I was assured that a basic knowledge of advertising and marketing strategies coupled with an outgoing personality for the PR Events would suffice, but one key requirement is being able to commuincate. My thinking is that I can actually kill two birds (marketing experience and new language) with this one stone

How is this for the next event?? Ben Jacobson and Jason Boone...Powered By Sparkasse...nice huh?

...Webcodes Galore...
The fact that you are reading this blog right now from your computer or phone proves that the wave of technology is rapidly changing. Well your boy Boone is trying to bank on knowing a lot about these changes. I learned a little bit about Hyper Text Transfer Protocol http and Hyper Text Markup Language html last year(thanks to @holldoll2), but now I'm trying to master this online terminology. I'm diving in head first deep into the world of embedding codes, video editing and uploading procedures. That being said, with the German I learned for the Bank Job and the blog being at an all time high in popularity...look out for the German Video Blog hitting the internet soon.

...where crEDIT is due...
My man Björn Lars Blank aka @real_blb over in the MEG office is the exact reason why my "real life" can wait. Although quiet, like myself, the work he does speaks volumes. The latest task on the agenda of Blankman was to start publishing English press releases on our Team's Website. This was the first one. Eurochallenge Home Opener. I'm going to start editing these releases, as a way to contribute and make sure I don't forget English. So for all of you people out there that are tired of translating every article I post on here, bookmark the website and see how we do...

This is going to be more "real life" work than I'm used to...but hey, I guess in the end, my "real life" is still waiting.

Do What You Do       Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...

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  1. You must be exhausted from all that work JB. LMAO