Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Need Facebook

I need Facebook so I can shamelessly plug my blog all day everyday, at this point no one is allowed to write on my wall, no one is allowed to see my pictures and I automatically decline all Event invitations because this Facebook Website is out of control. It basically takes "stalking 24/7" to the next level and that's why things like this happen...

To sum things up...
Boy Meets Girl
Boy Likes Girl
Girl Likes Boy
Boy and Girl Date
Girl Doesn't Like Boy Anymore
Girl Leaves Boy
Boy Gets Sad
Girl Meets New Boy
Girl Doesn't Tell Old Boy About New Boy
Old Boy Sees Pictures Of Girl and New Boy on FACEBOOK
Old Boy Stabs Girl 20 Times

Now the worse part about all of this is that at the end of the article they relate two other stories of similar disturbance

"On January 23, 2009, a 41-year-old British man was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison for stabbing his wife, 28, to death in 2008 after she changed her Facebook marital status to "single."

"In 2008, another British man-- a 35-year-old truck driver--was sentenced to life in prison after brutally murdering his estranged wife. She had posted on Facebook that her marriage was over and that she wanted to meet other men, according to the Times Online."

Come On People...Are We Serious Here?

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