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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Note To Self: Don't Enter The Russian Dunk Contest

Okay so last night we began the EuroChallenge Top 8 and got the advantage by getting the first win. But that blog will follow. This blog deals with a team we played to get to this point (Krasnodar) and a big time ex-NBA player that they had on their team (Gerald Green). We should all know by now that if players don't stick in the NBA that they come to Europe and try to stay financially taken care of until they get another shot but who would have thought that two of the best ex-NBA dunk contest participants would get the chance to meet in one of the best Dunk Contests I've ever seen halfway around the world? I, for one, was very impressed...what about you?

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  1. I'm very impressed too. Same way as I saw your Teammanager for the first time on a BBL-Court ;-) Saludos my amigo, have fun in Serbia.