Saturday, March 20, 2010


Although I don't have as many lines as my boy Spencer did in his Cop Doc Debut (if you don't know Spencer it's probably not worth sitting through this video) #imjustsaying

I"m hoping that "my debut movie" Just Wright does the damn case you missed me on the blog awhile back, feel free to pause it at 41secs and see me running back to the Heat bench (I'm number 35)

Or pause it at 48secs and see our team huddle (again, I'm number 35)

Or pause it at 38 and see me under Common's left armpit

Everyone has gotta start somewhere, let's just hope all of my scenes didn't get cut...because that'd suck big time.
Oh yeah, he was on my team in the movie

Enjoy the Trailer...Movie is in Theaters May 14th
Oh and you can see me get "faced up" by Common at 1:52

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback       ...blackhercules21...

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