Friday, March 19, 2010

My Mom's On Facebook

Chill out Malcolm, I didn't actually mean our mom, but as we all know there are a TON of parents on facebook these days. Some blame it on the fact that it's a great way  to find old friends and classmates, others applaud the ease and accessibility to stay in the know. I feel that it's most dangerous in the schools when teachers sign up and play Mafia Wars all hours of the night instead of checking their students homework but anyway I'm rambling. Point of this blog was to reiterate the fact that, every college student goes away to college for some sort of independence. They want to pass out at dorm parties, dance on bars, and make out with numerous people and the next day, not have to explain to their parents what happened. But friending your son or daughter can lead to many uncomfortable exchanges like this in the future. So I'd recommend either going over some ground rules or refusing the urge to send that friend request...because I'm a drama free kind of person. Haha.

Parents...understand this is exactly how your kid feels about you being on facebook whether they told you or not

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