Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

It's that time of year again people. The best weekend of basketball. Over the next four days the field will be narrowed from 64 to 16 and more than likely I'll have about 5-6 teams left in my bracket. Although, since I have not been following college basketball this year, I think that my odds to win may have gone up. Funny how that happens right? Anyway, I wasn't sure which of these methods would work for me...

We agreed on some things...others we didn't. But in either case here are a few of my picks...

Predictions Out of the Gate...
No 9 Northern Iowa will play eventual champs Kansas very tough in the second round
Two No. 12's (Cornell and UTEP) and One No. 13 (Siena) will make the second round

My Bracket is for money so I didn't pick these...but if they happen I won't be shocked...
No. 13 Houston smacks Maryland (they have the nation's top scorer)
No. 14 Oakland beats Pitt (Pitt always finds a way to screw up my bracket)

I'll be keeping tabs on how (bad) I do this year after each round...I hope you all will get to enjoy the tournament as much as us basketball players...if yesterday's blog was true you should all be slacking for the rest of the tournament

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  1. Hope you are well big nasty!!!

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