Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beko BBL All-Star Game

Do you want to know what dedication is? It's setting an alarm for 6:00am knowing that we are leaving for Bonn at 7am just to write you guys a blog. Luckily I can sleep for the next three hours and I'm going to need it because it is All-Star weekend here in Germany (and I haven't been to sleep since we beat Dusseldorf). The festivities include a youth league game (like the NBA rookies/sophomore game), a three point contest (like the NBA), a dunk contest (like the NBA) and a North vs. South All Star Game (as opposed to the NBA East and West). My teammates Taylor Rochestie and Chris Oliver were selected to the 3-Point Contest and All Star Game respectively. John Little, our captain, has to be there for the Captains meeting (to discuss current/future plans for the league) and I'm just going to tag along. The plan is to create a video blog documenting the process but don't hold me to that.

By the way, the French video blog has been delayed due to some software compatibility problems. But it should be up soon (about a week..and it's going to be good).

Chris and Taylor were giving me a little crap last night about not making the All Star Team so for those two fools let me remind them that I've played an "All-Star Pick Up Game" with actual NBA All Stars for the upcoming movie "Just Wright" <--shameless plug

 My Heat Teammate and All Star Teammate In The Film Dwayne Wade

Dwight Howard, Bobby Simmons, and Rashard Lewis Never Passed...I"m #35
NBA Players Are Only As Good As Their Supporting Casts...shoutout to the movie extras

Good Luck Taylor and Good Luck Chris (although I don't think he's playing)...let's come home with some W's

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  1. Hi Boone,

    although I hate working for a "Thank You" I can help out with the VideoBlog.

    After Wednesday is OK.

    Talk to Schiecke.