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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time To Get Hype

It's Gameday and I was trying to make a new pregame mixtape to get me hype before the game. I had a different one every year of high school and college and there are at least 40 songs that, when I hear, immediately bring me back to that time. Taking a little time to think led me to these three songs that get me going for one reason or another.

If you read my Bret Hart blog then you know how big of a WWF Wrestling fan I was, but what you don't know is that I bought a number of their music CD's. From the Wrestlemania CD (if you watched wrestling click that link) to the Aggression CD with Method Man/The Rock. For some reason (and it definitely wasn't the lyrics) something about this song always got me hype.

I never knew what Polyamorous meant but once I found out, I suddenly liked this song a hell of a whole lot more. Apparently, it's like having 3 or 4 girlfriends and each of them knowing about each other, and everyone still being cool with it. (do you believe in magic?) I know...there's a reason you've never heard that word before. Those days haven't been around since the Greeks. It's different from Polygamy in the fact that you don't marry your lovers but it's still pretty out there huh? Anyway, the half-videogame/half-empty-pool-rocking-out music video gets your blood pumping kinda fast and your heart beating right? does for me.

This is my ultimate get hype song, I first heard it from a highschool teammate of mine, Scott "For Three" Granwehr and it's stuck. I listen to it before every game, and I have to say it has a high winning percentage. The lyrics are simple "it's coming...the final chapter" but the beat absolutely makes me want to rip someones head off, DO NOT interrupt me while this song is playing...

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...

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