Monday, January 4, 2010


Is it a new year already? Seriously? It's 2010? Time is flying...2010 is the year I turn 25...GEEEZ

Anyway, a new year means New Years Resolutions. Last Jan. 1 I resolved to go green (gave a valiant attempt for 2 months), stay "in the know" on US politics (slacked off big time) and keep up with my blog (which I can say I've definitely done) but this year I'm going to treat my New Years Resolutions like Lent. I always feel like there are things I can be doing better to get myself in the best possible shape (and they start with nutrition). I'm stuck between the idea that, since I work out everyday (sometimes 3x a day), I can eat whatever I want AND like Tony Gonzalez, because I'm a professional athlete, I should have an All Pro Diet. Although Germany doesn't have the selection New York does, I'll always get the Wheat Bread at Subway over the White...or the oil and vinegar dressing over the Thousand Island. It's just that, I feel like I can be even more effective if I really make an attempt to change my diet. So here are some things I'm thinking about giving up. I may start with 2 weeks at a time, maybe even go a month for some and try to slowly incorporate a very healthy diet, without going completely cold turkey all at the same time.

Chocolate- I am not a huge chocolate fan, but every so often I need a Snickers Cruncher in my life. This attempt will definitely be do-able and I think I need to start with a realistic one that can get me on the right path...I'll take a strawberry covered strawberry instead...thanks

Beer-During my days at NYU this would have been impossible, and the beer out in Germany tastes entire too good to give up for a month, so this attempt will be strategically placed in a summer month where Long Island Iced Teas will have to suffice.

Liquor-Obviously this will not be at the same time as the beer but Liquor is known for bringing the worst out of me and the better Jason the better everyone else

Fried Foods-Since every meal in Germany comes with French Fries, and there's no other option outside of McDonald's/Burger King for post-game meals this one is going to be tough...especially since the first meal my Mom is going to make me in June is going to be her world-famous Fried Chicken. This might be the "two-week" attempt right here.

Coffee-I don't drink that much coffee to begin with, but what I've learned is that it's quite addicting. Everytime I do have a coffee, I want another one later on that day and if I don't get it, I absolutely crave it the next day. Weird or no? I have to get back to my Chai Tea

Soda-This would be a piece of cake if I wasn't surrounded by teammates who absolutely need it to survive. As of late I've been good about drinking water (both carbonated and tap) instead of soda but I'm going to try and give it up completely...goodbye Jack&Coke...hello Gin&Tonic

Candy-Like chocolate, candy in general is not a big part of my diet but every so often I'll say yes when someone offers me some. Luckily in Germany my choices are not as broad and appealing. A pack of M&M peanuts can either ruin both my candy and chocolate attempt or I can stay strong and pass on 'em...we shall see.

Cake-This should also be a piece of cake (no pun intended), I am bombarded with cupcakes on every road trip and Germans are big on inviting people over for "coffee and a cake" so timing is everything with this attempt as well.

The F Word-As confident as I can be at times, this one is not going to happen. It's the biggest challenge on my list of things to give up  this year, but I do catch myself when I'm around parents/children so there is a small small chance that if I can find a suitable word to replace it with (like Charles Lee and frick) that I can eliminate it from my vocabulary...but if I was a betting man, I'd say there is no f*cking chance.

Reality TV- This one won't start until the Jersey Shore is over for sure.As entertaining as this stuff can be, it's more addicting than coffee and leaves me with this empty feeling that I got stupider after 30 minutes. I got some good books to read and I'm hoping I can start to pick and choose what I spend my leisure time's hoping

Sleep Deprivation-I didn't want to call it surfing the internet, but after a late practice, a later meal and an even later shower, the only thing to do is go on facebook or twitter or blog...and although there is enough time for a daily nap, I feel like I am wasting a lot of time doing "nothing." So this one is a big one for me...the less time I spend awake at night...leads to a more productive day.

Skipping Post-Practice Strecthing-In the preseason I swore by it, but like I said, when practice runs late and we need to rush to get something to eat I skip the "after practice stretch." This can't happen anymore because our physiotherapist has 7 months of vacation a year and I still don't have a car to get up to my appointments when he is there. So I need to make it a point to keep my muscles as nimble, strong and flexible as possible and maybe one day I can do this...

All-You-Can-Eat Buffets-My teammate told me I suffer from the deadly sin of gluttony. Although I know he was kidding, I realized that I do eat way too fast, and because of it, I'm always offered more. And even when I'm not hungry, I still say my goal is stay away from places where I can keep eating and eating, and also to slow down when I do sit and eat.  (I know we're only 3 days into the New Year but so far so good)

Track My Lifts-During preseason workouts it was mandatory but as soon as it became optional I exercised my option to stop doing it. Our goal in the preseason was to gain strength and now it's to maintain it, but I don't really know if I'm maintaining it because I've stopped tracking my progress. Some people (team manager) keeps it all in his head, but I, unfortunately, have a lot more things on my mind. Haha. So I've got sheets printed up for my next lift.

Get A New Hobby-Way too often people ask so what do you do besides basketball? And I never know what to say. Well after this summer I want to be able to say "I play a little piano." Dave Koz is usually on my "blog playlist" just like he was on my "homework playlist" back in college but piano music can be extremely soothing and you are kidding yourself if you think playing Moonlight Sonata for the girl of your dreams isn't going to get you a notice.

Join A Non-Profit-I had entirely too much time on my hands this summer and although I got a role as an extra in the upcoming feature film Just Wright, that experience cost me a lot more than it brought me. And looking back I wish I had spent the time doing something that made me feel better about myself. This summer I'm going to volunteer at a Non-Profit charity...I'm on the search right now to find the right one...any ideas?

Start/Grow My Own Business-I can't wait for the day I don't have a boss...Bosses suck and at least if I'm my own boss I can handle my rifs with the boss accordingly. I've been in the "own your own business" mindset for a few years now and that's why I endorse a line of products where I decide how and when I want to market them. But I'm also in the midst of running a basketball camp with a current and former teammate that's going to take over Westchester county this summer...I'll keep you guys posted.

Albeit, some will be a lot easier than others, my New Years Resolution is to attempt to limit the usage/remove these things from diet completely. (did I use albeit the right way?). And/or incorporate a healthier way of living this year. What are your New Years Resolutions? Did I forget anything on my list? I hope your 2010 is better than your 2009, I have a funny feeling mine is going to be.

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  1. if you would have more on your mind than your teammanager, you might have found the answer to the question - why you can't get a double digit rebound game in the BBL. 'cause you not gonna be able to focus enough.