Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Just Saw A Ghost

From 1990-2000 there weren't many WWF fans bigger than me. I know it's the WWE now but I stopped watching it right around the time The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin stopped beefin'. Reason being, it took me til the age of 15 to realize that sh*t wasn't real. Go ahead and laugh but everytime I turned on the TV or played with the action figures I'd be lost in my own world...sometimes I secretly miss that world. I mean for real...Pro wrestling was like a weekly, poorly-acted movie with a bad script and cool fight scenes. Or a comic book for kids who couldn't read (don't make fun of my reading skills)

So anyway, I was watching the Trier Alba game on DSF (German channel) and when it was finished, WWE wrestling came on...(rumor has it that the World Wildlife Fund, which I definitely used to subscribe to, sued Vince McMahon for the rights to that name). Rather than turning it off, I decided to watch it for a few and that was when it happened. Bret "The Hitman" Hart? Are you kidding me? Talk about blast from the past, didn't he retire/get screwed over like 10 years ago? Well apparently he's making a comeback. Although he was Canadian and wore hot pink, Bret Hart was probably my favorite wrestler of All-Time. I liked the Undertaker, messed with the Legion of Doom pretty heavily, always rooted for Mr. Perfect and was the Ultimate Warrior one Halloween but Bret Hart was my guy. That being said, I immediately had to turn the television off when I saw him because a 52 year old Bret Hart ruins my image of the guy in leather jackets and tight pink spandex that I once looked up to (wow that sounded bad).

Now, quick recap, The Hart Foundation (Jim The Anvil Neidhart and Bret Hart)

and Bret's Brother Owen Hart rolled together.

Then The British Bulldog Davy Boy Smith married their sister and became part of the crew.

I remember Owen Hart dying from a freak accident, some sort of stunt-gone-bad. And I remember hearing about The British Bulldog dying a little while after that, but when Bill Simmons talked about steriod use and Mark McGwire admitted it, I decided to take a look at the amount of dead wrestlers (via complications from meds or steriods) and found this video...if you grew up watching wrestling like I did, take a look at all these dudes who died...I had 90% of these action figures...that's real talk

forgive my man PadgePower for the typos and shoutout to Garth Brooks for the vocals (def makes it sadder)

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  1. OK, you know that wrestling is fake so here's a little something to blow your mind too. Some wrestlers use fake names and create wrestling identities to go along with the names. By all means I think your tribute is very respectful and I don't want to cheapen it in any way, BUT it's not exactly accurate. The British Bulldog's real name is James Newby, I went to high school with him in Richmond, KY and he is very much alive and running for City Commission. He just made his money in wrestling and got out. He graduated from Madison Central High School in 1986. Check him out he's on facebook. =)

    1. That was not jim newby. He likes to tell people that. He wrestled as stevie boy smith on the small wrestling circuits. He made some money in pest control. He's pretty full of it. He tells people he was on wrestlemania. What a loser.