Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Malcolm

Today is my younger brother's birthday and I couldn't think of what to write so I turned to music but came across two songs that I liked. And since I couldn't decide which one I liked better I'm going to dedicate them both to him...

The Hollies- He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother

"The road is long with a many a winding turn
That lead us to who knows where, who knows where?
But I'm strong, strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother"

D-Block- My Brother's Keeper

"Whatever I got you can get it, if I ain't got it I'm gon' go out and get it, we split it, we did it"

"And I know it's deep but it gets deeper, YES I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER"

"My home is yours, my dough is yours uh huh, whatever I own brother know it's yours
Best believe we all we got if we don't got that then we all we not"

B  4  L

I Love You Kid

(btw...I got a surprise for you...check Twitter later)

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback     ...blackhercules21...

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