Monday, January 18, 2010

In Mark We Trust

I think it's official to say that the Jets have got their swagger back. For a team that "barely snuck" into the post season they have been the most exciting team to watch thus far. I may be a little bias because I'm a Jets fan but this season has been one to remember. Rookie QB's are never supposed to exceed a certain level...whether it's a PAC-10 QB or a SEC QB there is always the talk that the speed of the game is different. The size of the defenders are different, the grasping of the offense is harder blah blah blah. And although Dirty (Mark) Sanchez dealt with his struggles during the season, his Swag come playoff time is what has impressed the hell out of me. Again I'm bias but I've been playing professional basketball for three years now and I've seen enough rookies make rookie mistakes and only a few rookies grow from them...and those are the people that remain successful. As well as Farve played today, I'm one Jets fan that's excited about the future. Plus how are you gonna beat the Jets (best defense in the league) when your running back is making videos like this

I didn't want to post this but I had to

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