Friday, October 23, 2009

And With The First Pick: FINALE

I couldn't have scripted it better if I tried. After six days, all three of my teammates have two wins. I didn't want anyone picking teams by their favorite teammate of mine, so the "teams" (a, b, and c) didn't actually correspond to a teammate of mine. But in either case, we need to find an actual winner, so we're going to do what my dad said I never had to do, and that's "duke it out." I think he only said that because he secretly wanted to beat people up for me. Actually I guess when you go around telling people you can and will beat them up, it's not a secret. Shout outs to Greg Boone.

Anyway, it's time for a winner. If you haven't voted all week I need you to vote today, if you don't vote today, Greg Boone might whoop your ass. Today, the GM's had to pick a team, where if the game was getting physical, and a brawl broke out, they would have the last man standing. For this one we're going back to anyone who has ever played an NBA game and hopefully, we'll finally get a winner. Make Sure You Vote for the team that would win the brawl.

Team A
1) Chris Childs
2) Matt Barnes
3) Stephen Jackson
4) Kenyon Martin
5) Shaquille O'Neal

Team B
1) Vernon Maxwell

2) Anthony Peeler

3) Charles Barkley

4) Anthony Mason

Team C

1) John Starks

2) Rick Mahorn

3) Ron Artest

4) Charles Oakley

5) Ben Wallace

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