Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meet The Office Staff: Bjorn Lars Blank, Jan Schiecke & Marc Franz

One gets our name out, one takes care of any problems we have, and the other one signs the basically, all of the hard work we do, would never been noticed if it wasn't for these guys. That makes them part of the team, and therefore you should meet them.

Head of Marketing and PR: Bjorn Lars Blank

aka Keith Van Bjorn

aka The Blue Power Ranger

aka Conan O'Bjornin

aka TheTall Ghost From Casper aka Stretch

Team Manager: Jan Schiecke

aka Bluetooth

aka James McAvoy

aka Bud Bundy

aka Drew Lachey

CEO: Marc Franz

aka...The Guy Who Signs The Checks

I'm going to go ahead and stop right there for that reason...I"m not stupid.
This concludes the Meet The Team Series...for real this time...I hope you've enjoyed it.

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"Bet you know now, when I rap fast
I might as well slooooww down
I mean I love when I spin Porsche to hold my horse like
Whooaaa now"
--Ruff Ryders- Street Team

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