Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If They Only Knew

Follow me as I take you my flight of ideas for this blog...

During our last road trip, a few of my teammates got to discussing who was the best R&B singer at the moment. We settled on the fact that the title is Trey Songz's right now but then we started trying to figure out the best R&B artist of our generation. Hands down, R. Kelly takes the cake. Talent wise, no one even deserves to receive his golden shower.

After talking about R. Kelly for awhile, we started to discuss Aaliyah, and their whole underage/marriage fiasco. That prompted a "what's your favorite Aaliyah song?" discussion with "if your girl only knew" being the winner.

That, in turn, led to a conversation of how Rahzel murdered the beatbox to that song, and how No Limit potentially ruined it...so the question of the day is this...

Was Rahzel's Beatbox more impressive than Tru's remix was disappointing? What do you think?

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