Sunday, October 18, 2009

And With The First Pick: Part II

For those who haven't seen Part I feel free to scroll back down and vote on there first.

Part 2 hits home with my three teammates because we're all currently playing overseas. The question is to pick 5 starters and a coach for your All-Foreigner team. Again, comments on who has the best team is what I'm looking for, reasons for your pick are always greatly appreciated.

Team A 
1)Tony Parker
2)Rudy Fernandez
3)Andrei Kirilenko
4)Pao Gasol
5)Yao Ming
(Coached by Gregg Popovich)

Team B 
1)Steve Nash
2)Manu Ginobli
3)Mickael Pietrus
4)Toni Kukoc
5)Dirk Nowitzski
(Coached by Mike D'Antoni)

Team C
1)Drazen Petrovic
2)Peja Stojakovic
3)Hedo Turkoglu
4)Andrew Bogut
5)Arvydas Sabonis
(Coached by Phil Jackson)

I admit I put them on the spot with this one as well, and obvious choices like Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon were somehow overlooked. The thinking was European, although they did get that Canadian. But remember, we're taking each of these players in their PRIME and imagining that they all speak the same language and can communicate with one another. SO AGAIN I ASK...WHO HAS THE BEST TEAM???

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  1. Mutombo??
    And kobe grew up in Italy so im taking him

  2. Yao Ming, hurt before the round robin tourney is over team A has to play with 4 (a good 4 though), Team C will fill it UP on you from deep and could be dangerous. I know the Grinnell run and gun, or Suns fast break doesn't win championships in the NBA but OBVIOUSLY Dirk is no 5 and a weak ass 4 at that (I love the mavs mind you) but that team will get up and down the court real well esp with their 1-2. Pietrus can be an athletic slasher but also shoot from outside and Toni and Dirk and work outside and in to about 15 feet. I definitely think that all the points in the paint would be garnered by the 1-3 position on that team and the 4-5 would literally be 15 feet and out. Team 2 is the best, Team 3 second, Team 1 last.

  3. I think Team A is best. Pau and Yao are too much for the other teams 4/5 men. AK 47 will do all the little things and not care about getting his. Tony Parker is a world champion pg...I think Team A, then C, then B...that's just my 2 cents.

  4. I would slide Nowitzki at my 3 on the first team and switch Ginobli and Rudy Fernandez. In less, your teammates know something I don't about Fernandez, how the hell did he get in front of Manu?

  5. Again sorry, the winner is Team B because of the matchups. Steve Nash would have those 5 running all game. They would probably win games 165 - 150 lol.

  6. Team A again- Parker and Rudy would really gel well together. If Kirelenko could channel the one year he had with the Jazz he'd be unstoppable. And Paul and Yao would clown on these other mugs. Not even a fair game.