Saturday, October 17, 2009

And With The First Pick: Part I

One of the coolest thing about being a basketball player is that people will see you around town and say something like "good game yesterday." Having dealt with that in highschool and college I can simply take it for what it's worth. The weird thing about being a "professional" basketball player out here is that now, when people see you around town, they may something like that "thanks for the good game yesterday, I have you on my fantasty team." That was a little bit crazier.

There is an actual Beko BBL fantasy league that a lot of Germans take part in. Now, I've been apart of teams where guys need to try to have great statistical games to either boost their worth or prove their value, but I've learned that it usually takes away from their team's success. The idea of an athlete being concerned with fantasy stats cannot be good for a team, but having said that, it still doesn't stop me from playing Fantasy Football every year. I was actually pretty close to an addiction in the past.

Anyway, I pushed for a team building exercise, because you can never have enough of those, it involved everyone to enter a Fantasy Basketball League. Not a BBL one, an NBA one. To ensure victory, I've decided to first, test some of my teammates' GM skills. They were asked to pick a team based on certain stipulations and requirements. Simple enough huh?

So HERE'S WHAT I NEED FROM YOU...THE BEST TEAM. This is a six part series and I need you to check back daily to vote on the results. Facebook, blog, email, smoke signal, or a really really loud scream, however you need to get the answer to me, let me know so I can total em up and post the winner. My teammates got a lot riding on this week long series so your participation is greatly appreciated.

The question was proposed to Ben Jacobson, John Little and Chris Oliver. Here was the parameter for Part I: Pick a starting five and coach for the NCAA championship game, only using players who played in college since the millennium hit. And here were the teams.

Team A
1)Chris Paul
2)Dwayne Wade
3)Kevin Durant
4)Michael Beasley
5)Andrew Bogut
(Coached by John Wooden)

Team B
1)Johnny Flynn
2)JJ Reddick
3)Carmelo Anthony
4)Blake Griffin
5)Emeka Okafor
(Coached by Mike Krzyzewski)

Team C
1)Deron Williams
2)Ben Gordon
3)Kenyon Martin
4)Al Horford
5)Greg Oden
(Coached by Roy Williams)

I admit that this was dinner topic that turned into a blog series and they didn't have ample time to sit and think about it or research it. That's why you don't see a Shane Battier or a Jameer Nelson but I think they did okay for the rapid fire draft style we conducted.


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  1. I don't entirely agree with roy williams as the third coach. I mean I think he is a great coach but I would slip somebody like Jim Calhoun (UConn), Jim Boeheim (Syracuse), or Lute Olson (Arizona). Those are legends..

  2. can you believe a girl is reading about fantasy football. lol

    my mandie reed

  3. So I'm supposed to pick my best 5 and a coach or pick the best team? I think that the first team is the best TEAM but that wooden wouldn't know what to do with that kinda talent and athleticism. Everyone can score and they've got a PG who can get scorers the ball. As a Duke fan it kills me to say that team 2 has the weakest college guards. JJ was good, but in a system and Johnny Flynn was good but in my mind is at the bottom of the pile of the 1's and 2's in the list. All the bigs are solid esp as far as college game goes (although team C is my ?)

  4. As for your three teams I went into the history books, there is no way Deron Williams and Johnny Flynn are your other point guards, yes great but there are greater. I listed 4 points guards who owned the floor: Chris Paul, Jay Williams (Duke), TJ Ford, and Jameer Nelson, take your pick. As for the off guards I am pretty supportive of Wade, Redick, and Gordon. I mite even sneak Redick on that first team. For other shooting guards I came up with Juan Dixon, Julius Hodge, Adam Morrison, and Stephen Curry. Carmelo should be on the first team, he does have a national championship. Durant and Beasley are deserving to be there but not in front of Melo. I like both Bogut and Okafor. Horford and Oden do not convince me at all. I am going to put Kenyon Martin as my 4 man and Shane Battier as my 3. I tried to find a replacement for Oden but I will admit I was unsuccessful. Chris Mihm had a good career at Texas lol.

  5. I forgot to pick my winner: Team A, Beasley and Durant are just matchup nightmares.

  6. Team A would kill. CP3 would have a field day dishing to Wade and Durant. Durant would rain treyballs all day off CP3 and DW driving and kicking