Monday, October 19, 2009

And With The First Pick: Part III

Have you voted/commented on Part I and Part II yet? If not, go ahead and do that for me. Thanks.

So I realized I rushed through the first two drafts days, with you and with my GM's. If in any of the next few days, you are in a Rock-Paper-Scissors situation, where one team can beat another, but can't beat both, then go with the team you feel has the best shot of going 2-0. Aka choose the rock. For anyone out there who thinks paper can actually beat rock, I got a blog for you coming up next week. Anyway, back to the battle.

Today's challenge is for all of my Whiteboys out there who think for some reason, Blacks are genetically more gifted or something (even though we may be). I had my three teammates pick their All-Caucasian Team (sans foreigners) I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if there were actually 15 of them, but to be honest, my teammates had a harder time finding Black coaches for their team. Here are the squads...

Team A
1) Pete Maravich
2) Doug Collins
3) Dan Majerle
4) Tom Gugliotta
5) Kevin McHale
(Coached by Lenny Wilkins)

Team B
1) Jerry West
2) Rick Barry
3) Chris Mullin
4) Tom Chambers
5) George Mikan
(Coached by Nate McMillan)

Team C
1) John Stockton
2) Mark Price
3) Larry Bird
4) Bob Pettit
5) Bill Walton
(Coached by Doc Rivers)

Today's question is no different, of the three teams...WHO WOULD WIN???

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  1. This is hard...a lot of these white dudes played way back in the day so it is hard to think about how good they are compared to Stockton and Bird and guys like that who played against a more diverse league (yeah, and by diverse I mean blacker).

    Lenny Wilkens obviously is the best coach. Doc was gonna get fired until he got 2 future HOFer's w/KG and Ray Allen and won a ring..However, Doc's squad here has 2, maybe 3 of the top 5 white, US born players ever (Stockton, Bird, healthy Bill Walton). So I will have to go with Team C as the best (followed by Team B, then A).

  2. Team C the best bay far!

  3. No love for Steve Nash? I'd definitely take him over Doug Collins, Mark Price or Thunder Dan. None of those guys were two-time MVPs. Also I think Bob Cousy should get some love above the aforementioned three. The man had six titles and he pretty much revolutionized the game.

  4. Team 3 wins hands down, they have "the Legend"

  5. Team C, Team A, Team B... Team C is too deep but if Pistol gets hot (and or drunk) the other two teams are in trouble

  6. I think Team A wins because Doc Rivers would coach Team C to a loss and they have the Secret Weapon Tommy G. Tommy G may be the most underrated player from the 90's. Peep his stats.