Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Return Of...

With all of the players leaving and coming the past week or so, I forgot to mention a star sighting from last weekend. At that team building barbecue we had, a former teammate of ours came through to say what's up. His name was Charles Lee and he ended up leaving Gottingen to play in Quackenbruck for the Artland Dragons. But being the nice guy he is, he decided to come back to G-town and grace us with his presence. Chuck was our final addition to last years team.

His season was ended a bit early due to injury but he played his a$s off all the time and ended up being one of our most solid all around players. He was most known for his witty one liners, the word "dukes," blessing every meal, and doing jumping jacks on defense (courtesy of Oldenburg)...Oh yeah, and getting dunked on. Whether it was me in "slow speed 1-on-1" or Michael Haynes on a put back, or Phillip Schwethelm on his only BBL dunk, Charles was usually in the poster. The scheduling Gods went ahead and placed him and Artland as our season opener, and I hope he's ready to have the game of his life, because we're coming for him. See you on the 9th buddy.

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 "Now you can find it through my rhyming
cause my timing has come
and you gon know my whole story by the time I get done
rising like the shining sun"
--Blu & Exile- In Rememberence of Me

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  1. I hope he gives some insider-informations about the dragons to you ;-)

    Just kidding....have fun on can recognize me in Qbrück: I'am the drunken guy :-))