Sunday, October 25, 2009

And With The First Pick...The Winner Is...

First off, I'd like to thank you all for participating in this series and let you know that this will not be the last time I seek your involvement for my blog..however, next time I'm going to make sure I get all the responses in one place because I was literally tallying up votes from emails, facebook posts, facebook messages and blog posts. But enough about my labor, I guess it's about time we determine a winner huh? Here are the results...

Part 1: NCAA Team...
Winner: Team A managed by Ben Jacobson
(1)Chris Paul (2)Dwayne Wade (3)Kevin Durant (4)Michael Beasley (5) Andrew Bogut

What You Said:Team A, Beasley and Durant are just matchup nightmares.--Eric Melendez

Team A would kill. CP3 would have a field day dishing to Wade and Durant. Durant would rain treyballs all day off CP3 and DW driving and kicking--Dereck Okolie

Part 2: Foreigners...
Winner: Team B managed by John Little
(1)Steve Nash (2)Manu Ginobli (3)Mickael Pietrus (4)Toni Kukoc (5)Dirk Nowitzski
What You Said: "Team B is the best.. Nash over Parker, Ginobli over Fernandez, and I really think Pietrus can lock up AK-47, he is just to soft for me.... Gasol n Ming will take Kukoc n Dirk"--Jalil Abdur Rahman

Part 3: Whiteboys...
Winner: Team C managed by Ben Jacobson
(1) John Stockton (2) Mark Price (3) Larry Bird (4) Bob Pettit (5) Bill Walton
What You Said: This is hard...a lot of these white dudes played way back in the day so it is hard to think about how good they are compared to Stockton and Bird and guys like that who played against a more diverse league (yeah, and by diverse I mean blacker).
Lenny Wilkens is obviously is the best coach. Doc was gonna get fired until he got 2 future HOFer's w/KG and Ray Allen and won a ring. However, Doc's squad here has 2, maybe 3 of the top 5 white, US born players ever (Stockton, Bird, healthy Bill Walton). So I will have to go with Team C as the best (followed by Team B, then A).
-Ryan McAdam

Part 4: Highschoolers
Winner: Team B managed by Chris Oliver
(1) Sebastian Telfair (2) Lebron James (3) Tracy McGrady (4) Amare Stoudemire (5) Dwight Howard
What You Said: Team B without a doubt.. Kobe may give Lebron a problem but Kemp isn't holdin McGrady. Because McGrady didn't get wack until later into his season with the Rockets. D-Howard aka you.. Probably the best 5 man in the league today but he was nasty at this time too and would eat Bynum alive. too many weapons on team B. Team C stand for Team Chillout because they only have Garnett... Felt bad and Smith can't shoot for his life. Only bangers yo so team B 100%-- Malcolm Boone

Part 5: #1 Draft Picks
Winner: Team A managed by Chris Oliver
(1) Oscar Robertson (2) Lebron James (3) Chris Webber (4) Tim Duncan (5) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

What You Said: Gotta go with Team A. Oscar is too big for AI to guard, LeBaron is too big for GRob to guard. Web, Timmy and Kareem would BATTLE with The Dream, Shaq Fu and The Admiral. This is a game that I would definitely pay to watch. Benjamin Button (Mr. Oden), Joe Budden (Ms. Trina aka Kenyon) & co. would get blown out.--Derick Okolie

Part 6: Streetballing
Winner: Team B managed by Chris Oliver
(1) Baron Davis (2) Kobe Bryant (3) Carmelo Anthony (4) Blake Griffin (5) Kevin Garnett
What You Said: Team B 'cause bdiddy brings the show and the mamba gonna kill when the game is on the line.--Jan Schiecke

Part 7: Brawlers
Winner: Team C managed by John Little
(1) John Starks (2) Rick Mahorn (3) Ron Artest (4) Charles Oakley (5) Ben Wallace
What You Said: Team C. Oaktree, Ron-Ron and Mahorn are Goons. Ben ain't messed with too and Starks was always edgy. Give them Bill Laimbeer as the sixth man and i would be scared to death.--Jan Schiecke
Team doubt about that. All Killer, no filler--Bjorn Lars-Blank

Just incase you can't add...the winner for the "And With The First Pick" Blog Series was

...drum roll please...

Chris Oliver

...look out for the next series coming soon, and see if Chris can defend his title

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